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Don’t short & long $SOL liquidity coming!!! #prasa777

Don’t short & long $SOL liquidity coming!!! #prasa777

Tuyên bố miễn trừ trách nhiệm: Bao gồm cả quan điểm của bên thứ ba. Đây không phải lời khuyên tài chính. Xem Điều khoản & Điều kiện.
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🌱 Don't Let This Airdrop Slip Through Your Paws! 🌱 Even your furry friend can't resist: $GRASS confirmed airdrop! Are you going to miss out on the biggest airdrop of 2024? Cost: FREE Profit: $6,000 Time: 2 min Discover the step-by-step guide below 🧵 Introduction: @getgrass_io is the world’s first Layer 2 Data Rollup. It's the hub for AI training data, sourced from public websites via a vast network of web scraping nodes. Funding: Grass has successfully secured $4.5M in funding over the past year, with contributions from Polychain and other top venture capital firms. Airdrop: The Grass token is confirmed, and just days ago, Binance hinted at supporting and listing it. Points: Earn points for free, which will be converted once the beta season ends. Points are exchangeable on the OTC market, with 1 point currently valued at $0.0028. Sign up: • Head to copy and paste • Enter your email address. • Choose a username. • Click on "Register". Download Grass Extension: • Visit • Click on "Add to Chrome". • Download the Grass extension. Connect: • Go to • Log in with your registration details. • Click on "Connect". Referrals: • Visit • Click on "Copy referral link". • Share it with your friends. Farm Points: • Head to the Grass extension. • Stay active to earn more tokens. • Click on "Add network." • Connect additional networks. Galxe: • Visit • Log in with your wallet. • Complete all quests. Don't let this opportunity wilt away

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