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What is Binance Pay (beta)?
2021-02-02 06:10

What is Binance Pay (beta)?

Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance. Binance Pay (beta) allows you to pay and get paid in crypto from your friends and family worldwide. Let us help you understand how this new crypto payment technology closes up the circle for our different users within the Binance ecosystem. Live the crypto lifestyle you always wished for #LiveCrypto.

How to set up a Binance Pay (beta) account?

Setting up Binance Pay (beta) is simple if you already have an account in Otherwise, you can register here before proceeding to set up your Binance Pay (beta) account.

Step 1: Log in to the Binance App, click on the [profile] tab and select the [Pay] tab.

Note: If you have not set up your Binance Pay (beta) account and would like to complete a currency payment, please first scan the payment QR code using the in-app QR code scanner. You will be directed to complete the Binance Pay (beta) account set up.

Step 2: Complete the Binance Pay account set up by accepting the terms of use and press [Open].

Step 3: Create your unique Binance Pay nickname.

Please note that once you have created your nickname, you cannot change it after.
Note: If you have already set up a Binance account nickname, Binance Pay (beta) will automatically use the same nickname.

Step 4: Set up your Binance Pay pin/password.

After setting up your nickname, you will be asked to set up a six-digit pin. Once entered, please press [Continue]. Please do not share this pin with anyone.

Step 5: Binance Pay (beta) wallet - customize your preferred currency payment order.

During the setup of your Binance Pay (beta) wallet, you can customize your currency list so that your preferred payment methods are on the top. Simply drag and drop the tokens in the list to your desired order. If you have an insufficient balance for the payment, it will be deducted from the listed tokens according to the order you set them in.
Binance Pay (beta) wallet supports six currencies: BNB, BUSD, BTC, SXP, ETH, and EUR.

Step 6: Top up your Binance Pay (beta) wallet.

You can top up your Binance Pay (beta) wallet from your Spot Wallet. Alternatively, you can always top up your Binance Pay wallet by visiting the pay wallet section of your Binance App and transfer funds from your spot wallet.

How to set up your Binance Pay QR code?

Binance Pay QR code supports your transactions from one Binance Pay account to another. The Binance Pay (beta) wallet currently supports six different currencies: EUR, BNB, BUSD, BTC, ETH, and SXP.
Visit Binance [Pay] tab in your [Wallets], click on [My QR] tab. You can select your desired currency to receive your payment in and generate a personal QR code that links to your Binance Pay (beta) wallet. You can choose which currency to receive your payment in for each transaction.
The payment’s sender will just have to scan this QR code to complete his/her payment to you.
Note: You can use the same Binance Pay QR code if you wish to accept payments in the same currency in the future.

How to go to your Binance Pay wallet?

You can access your Binance Pay wallet by selecting the [Wallets] tab in your Binance App and selecting the [Pay].

Are Binance Pay Wallet and Binance Card Wallet the same wallet?

Yes. If you are also a Binance Card user, you will realize that the Binance Pay and Binance Card wallets are essentially the same wallets. Incoming and outgoing funds for both Binance Pay and Binance Card will happen under the same wallet.

How to pay someone using Binance Pay (beta)?

To pay someone using Binance Pay (beta), you will simply need to scan the Binance Pay (beta) QR code provided to you using your Binance App. Your payment will be deducted from your balance according to the order you've set in the token list. The receiver will receive the payment in the currency they have selected.

How to set your preferred payment currency order in Binance Pay (beta)?

During the setup of your Binance Pay (beta) wallet, you will need to select the order of your preferred currencies that you wish to make payments with. You can also visit the Binance Pay (beta) wallet tab and simply drag and drop the tokens in the list to your desired order.
You will make payments in the order you have selected in Binance Pay (beta). If your first preferred crypto runs out of balance in the Binance Pay wallet, the Binance Pay app will automatically move on to the next crypto on your list until your total payment amount has been fulfilled.

What if your Binance Pay (beta) wallet balance is insufficient for your first preferred currency during payment?

Binance Pay (beta) utilizes your funds according to the order you’ve set in your Binance Pay (beta) wallet. Binance Pay (beta) uses an aggregate value of all your cryptocurrencies in your Binance Pay (beta) wallet to make sure payouts/payments are completed.
You can always reconfigure your preferred currency payment order by visiting the Binance Pay (beta) wallet and simply dragging and dropping the currencies in your desired order.

What are the supported currencies in Binance Pay (beta)?

Binance Pay (beta) currently supports six currencies: BNB, BUSD, BTC, ETH, SXP, and EUR.
Binance provides you with multiple ways to buy these currencies at low fees. Once you have funded your Binance Spot wallet, you can transfer them from your Binance Spot wallet to Binance Pay (beta) wallet to make payments.

How to view your Binance Pay (beta) transactions?

Please visit your Binance Pay (beta) wallet. You will be able to view your transaction history under your preferred currency payment order. You will also be able to view the funds used for each payment.

What are Binance Pay (beta) transaction limits?

There are imitations that Binance Pay (beta) users should take note of.
  • Users can receive up or pay up to a maximum of 10,000 USD (equivalent) or 10 transactions in 24 hours.
Please note that funds received in Binance Pay will only be available for transfer to other wallets after 24 hours.

What are the fees for using Binance Pay?

No, you do not need to pay any fees for using Binance Pay.

Can you reverse a payment transaction?

Sorry, you cannot reverse a Binance Pay transaction. Please take extra caution when performing payment transactions.

Is Binance Pay (beta) available for all users?

Binance Pay (beta) is currently only available to eligible users on To start using Binance Pay (beta), please register on and complete your identity verification.

What happens if your Binance Pay account is locked?

In case your Binance Pay (beta) account gets locked due to an incorrect PIN, please visit your Binance Pay (beta) wallet. A prompt will appear to reset your Binance Pay PIN, complete the authentication and verification, and you will be able to unlock your Binance Pay (beta) account.

How to reset your Binance Pay (beta) PIN/password?

Tap [Unlock Account], and the system will send a verification code to your phone. Input the code, and then you can reset the PIN.