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‘Fábrica de memecoins’ da Solana é hackeada e acusa ex-funcionário de roubo
Ministério da Justiça e Binance fazem treinamento sobre criptomoedas para investigadores em Brasília
📉 Realização de lucros hoje: após compras nos 56k realizei uma boa parte dos lucros em razão de estarmos em uma perigosa zona de resistência no Bitcoin. Usando meu lucro para ajeitar a parte elétrica de casa e passear com a família. 😎 Vocês estão comprando ou vendendo hoje? Como estão os lucros nesses últimos dias? #BaleiasdasCriptos
The Stablecoin Supply Ratio Oscillator is a technical indicator used to assess market sentiment regarding stablecoins relative to Bitcoin over time. It helps traders and analysts understand whether the market is leaning towards bullish or bearish conditions. The oscillator is calculated by taking the difference between the current Stablecoin Supply Ratio value and its 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), then dividing it by the standard deviation of the SSR over the same period. When the oscillator is above the upper Bollinger Band, it may indicate bearish sentiment, suggesting that stablecoin dominance over Bitcoin is relatively high, potentially signaling a downturn in the market. Conversely, when the oscillator is below the lower Bollinger Band, it may suggest bullish sentiment, indicating that stablecoin dominance is relatively low compared to historical trends, possibly signaling an upward trend in the market. This oscillator provides traders with valuable insights into shifts in market sentiment, allowing them to make informed trading decisions. #Stablecoin #USDT #FDUSD #USDC $BTC $ETH $BNB
bitcoin ainda pode surpreender!
Empresa de pagamentos com Bitcoin suspende operações nos EUA
Coinbase diz que Ethereum pode surpreender e ter grande alta nos próximo meses
STH & LTH Sentiment Price Bands is an innovative indicator comprising multiple lines that combine the Short Term Holder & Long Term Holder Realized Price with multiplication and division factors. Remarkably, it creates bands over time that define the market's price peaks and troughs, linking them to market sentiment ranging from the "Depression Band" to the "Euphoria Band." Developed by Joao Wedson, this indicator aims to measure market sentiment from an on-chain perspective, assisting investors in making smarter decisions. By capturing the essence of market emotions and price movements, it offers a nuanced view of the crypto landscape, enabling a strategic approach to trading based on underlying market moods and trends. The main support is at $58k (Hope|Denial Band) and the main resistance at $79.4K (Anxiety Band) #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Holder #Sentiment
Ministério da Justiça e Binance fazem treinamento sobre cibersegurança e criptomoedas para investigadores em Brasília
Armadilha: Mais de Cem Bilhões de Dólares Emergem do Heatmap de Bitcoin Abaixo dos 30 Mil Dólares
O que é NFT e o que isso tem a ver com o Brasileirão 2024?
Preço do Bitcoin vs Dias faltando para o Halving. Após os primeiros dias após o halving, o gráfico se torna vermelho. Estamos longe do próximo halving. Esta é a primeira vez que Bitcoin está subvalorizado, abaixo da média móvel do indicador stock to flow. Será que é por isso que as grandes instituições estão comprando ETF de Bitcoins a rodo? #BaleiasdasCriptos Compartilhe com inimigos.
🧠The Alpha Crypto Sentiment Gauge is an innovative indicator that revolutionizes market analysis by integrating a variety of technical metrics, oscillators, and sentiment analysis. In times of market downturns, when technical indicators are signaling exhaustion, it's common for traders to become bearish. This sentiment can be confirmed through sentiment analysis of social media and news sources. Similarly, during upward price movements, especially in the midst of a bull run, sentiment tends to become very bullish. This gauge serves as a powerful tool to help investors navigate market sentiment and avoid the herd mentality that often prevails in cryptocurrency markets. By combining technical analysis with sentiment analysis, it provides a more holistic view of market conditions, allowing traders to make more informed decisions and potentially avoid falling victim to market euphoria or panic. In essence, the Alpha Crypto Sentiment Gauge empowers traders to stay ahead of market trends, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities with greater confidence and clarity. Its multidimensional approach offers a deeper understanding of market dynamics, helping traders to stay grounded and focused on their investment strategies amidst the often turbulent cryptocurrency landscape. The current sentiment has turned bullish again🟢 We have good sentiment indicators ranging from Twitter analysis, News, Wikipedia, Google, some with free access. Take the chance to get to know them at #BTC #ETH #BNB #SOL #XRP
O que é uma Exchange P2P de Criptomoedas?
Binance ajuda autoridades holandesas a recuperar milhões de euros roubados em golpe de plataforma de jogos de azar
E o foguete está partindo hoje. 🚀 Quem diria? a inflação americana está mais controlada, nesse ritmo em setembro iremos decolar com muito mais força. Nós prevemos isso, pois o ciclo do mercado sempre é repetitivo, não tenha descrença no momento que todos estão descrentes com o mercado. Bitcoin ainda não está nos trendings do Google. Estou começando com pouco mais de 2 mil dólares nesse ciclo de alta e pretendo terminar com uns 20 mil dólares no topo da Bull run. Parabéns a você que estuda comigo o mercado cripto e faz essa nossa aventura cada vez mais acertiva. Obrigado Deus por essa oportunidade 🙏 🐂 🐂 🐂 #BaleiasdasCriptos
Exclusivo para LATAM: deposite na sua conta e compartilhe 10.000 FDUSD em recompensas!
We've developed a historical fractal recognition algorithm for cryptocurrencies. You set the number of days or hours for analysis, as in the example of 720 days, and it finds another similar period. It not only compares exact lengths but makes smart use of different lengths using DTW distance. We will make it available for free soon!🔥 #AI #Fractal #Cycle
Earn Wednesday: novas ofertas por tempo limitado disponíveis agora! (15/05/2024)
Bitcoin has approached the main liquidation level of the last 7 days. The movement occurred after a significant accumulation of shorts near $61k. Now, only long positions remain to be affected, and in this scenario, the price will need to reach the $60k region. #Bitcoin #BTC #liquidation #Short #Long
Hacker que roubou 150 mil Ethereum em 2017 retorna e movimenta R$ 46 milhões
The substantial volume of call contracts and their considerable nominal value might indicate optimism regarding Ethereum's potential for value appreciation by the end of June. Increased interest could further bolster the digital asset's price if derivative traders opt to execute their options as the price surpasses specific strike prices specified in the option spread. Luke Nolan, a Research Associate at CoinShares, noted that strike prices for June expiry calls are predominantly positioned above $3,600, with $6,500 emerging as the most favored strike price. Nolan highlighted a notable notional value of $192 million associated with the largest open interest before the June expiry at a $6,500 strike price, indicating confidence among certain investors in Ethereum's capability to attain or surpass that level. "The highest open interest for June expiration is centered around a $6,500 strike price, totaling $192 million," stated Nolan. The data also reveals an increase in outstanding calls compared to open positions in Ethereum options leading up to the late June expiration. A call options ratio below one indicates that buying volume surpasses selling volume, signaling an upward market trend. An investor purchasing a call option is typically interpreted as taking a bullish stance in the market, while a put option buyer is viewed as bearish. #altcoins #Cryptocurrencies #ETHETFS #EthereumPower #AltcoinGains
Inscreva-se para Produtos Bloqueados de SOL ou BNB ou para Staking de ETH para compartilhar 38.500 PORTAL em recompensas de airdrop
Produtos Flexíveis de USDC: conclua a inscrição para aproveitar recompensas de até 8% de APR!
China confisca R$ 1,5 bilhão em criptomoedas e outros ativos
The 6-month #Ethereum liquidation level shows that the majority of Longs have not been liquidated. Meanwhile, the monthly level demonstrates optimism among traders in maintaining Short positions. Volatility is on the way $ETH
ETF de Bitcoin ou ter Bitcoins diretamente: o que é melhor?
¿Qué es un Exchange Centralizado de criptomonedas (CEX) y cómo funciona?
Many altcoins have turned bullish in the short term. Open interest is rising on the 1-hour and 4-hour charts. Additionally, the MACD is in bullish territory. Meanwhile, many altcoins are experiencing a decline in open interest, indicating a significant closing of positions. $PEOPLE $PEPE $BB #Floki #Bome #RLC #Pendle
De Richard Teng, CEO da Binance: Tigran Gambaryan é inocente e deve ser libertado
The CDD Binary Heatmap is remarkable as it reveals where long-term investors are divesting their coins (selling). It seems that these investors are not as optimistic about the price continuing to rise. In other words, having already made substantial profits, they are simply taking the opportunity to liquidate their positions. by Joao Wedson (Twitte: joao_wedson)
The 365-Day Change in Revenue/Hash ratio is a crucial metric in the Bitcoin mining industry. It measures the year-over-year variation in revenue generated per unit of computational power (hash rate) in the Bitcoin network. This ratio provides insights into the profitability and efficiency of Bitcoin mining operations over a 12-month period. A positive change indicates that miners are earning more revenue per hash compared to the previous year, which can be due to higher Bitcoin prices or improved mining efficiency. Conversely, a negative change suggests a decrease in revenue per hash, potentially due to lower Bitcoin prices or increased competition and operational costs. This metric is essential for miners and investors alike to assess the long-term sustainability and economic dynamics of Bitcoin mining $BTC #mining #Hash
Bitcoin Pizza Day: o que é comemorado nessa data?
5 criptos que você deve considerar no próximo bull run
📉The Premium Index is an indicator that monitors Spot prices across various exchanges, comparing them to the market average and to Binance. Recently, we have observed selling pressure coming from #Coinbase and #Gemini . Interestingly, these exchanges also custody ETF funds such as Grayscale ( #GBTC ), BlackRock ( #IBIT ), and VanEck ( #HODL ), focusing on North American trades. On the other hand, we have noticed buying pressure from Bitfinex, an exchange with a focus on Europe. These observations demonstrate that both interest and trading volume in exchanges are strongly related to the dynamics of different regions worldwide. While some exchanges are pushing for sales, others are showing a buying bias. $BTC
¿Qué es APY y cómo se calcula en cripto?
$1000SATS algum semelhante a pepe coin desde sua entrada na BT e depois na Binance estou envolvido com esse querido sapo.. uma coisa que posso te afirmar com toda certeza é que sats misteriosamente entrou na Binance. já pepe coin entrou por pedido da comunidade ex coe Cz , revelou isso em seu Twitter (x) que diga-se de passagem é melhor acompanhar o desenvolvimento do projeto diretamente por lá.. Sats tem seus princípios sua ambição .. não sei dizer o quão baixo ele pode ir para começar a recuperação surpreendente mas ela vai te surpreender e uma boa administração nesse momento difícil te fará sorrir , compre ou venda FDS.. mas tenha sats comi sua opção sempre ... (nesse poste existe 4 tokens que mudará sua vida)
⏳In recent days, short positions have increased, leading to a liquidation level above the current price. However, in the long term, $55K is seen as the main level with $3.5B in liquidity across 11 exchanges. #Short #Long #liquadation #Bitcoin $BTC $ETH $BNB
Tempestades solares severas podem afetar o mundo como conhecemos
The investors who hold their BTC for up to 1 month are selling their coins. Currently, they hold 1.25 million BTC, while the recent peak was 2.56 million, indicating a distribution of 1.31 million BTC. They represent 6.4% of all investors, and the current number of addresses is 3.42 million. The significant coin distribution is related to the low quantity of addresses, likely from new whales in the market, who prefer short-term trades! $BTC #Bitcoin #holders #distribution
Binance Research: principais tendências de cripto em maio de 2024
Over the past 180 days, the majority of leveraged positions have been related to Longs, and significant gaps have formed in the derivatives market (Futures+Perpetual). These gaps are signs of low liquidity, meaning the price passed through without pause and can be filled at any moment. The main liquidity gaps are at 60k, 59k, 54k, and 50k. Since most of the Open interest occurred between 60k and 71k, the liquidation levels are below and above these values, ranging from 50k to 78k depending on the leverage level. Furthermore, taking a broader context (Last 4 years), we can also identify gap regions as marked. A small fraction of trades bought or traded Bitcoin in these ranges, and they will serve as possible future targets. While not a rule, they remain targets for Market makers. Access our platform now and explore +250 indicators at Dominando Cripto #BTC #ETH #LONG #SHORT
Conforme Bitcoin vai caindo vamos trocando ele por altcoins estratégicas. Caindo em 50 mil dólares trocaremos muito mais. Últimas chamadas para compras, daqui em diante não haverá mais boas oportunidades e comprar bem. #BaleiasdasCriptos
reescreva esse texto em português brasil: Though Optimism (OP) experienced a challenging month with a downward trend, recent weeks have indicated signs of improvement. The price struggles to rise and often meets resistance at higher levels, suggesting investor caution and the need for stronger cues. However, Optimism's fundamentals—focused on streamlining Ethereum transactions—could support its recovery and growth if market sentiment improves. Polygon is in a tug-of-war between buyers and sellers, indicating market uncertainty. Despite an overall decline, the coin shows some resilience. Its role in scaling Ethereum and supporting decentralized applications might attract long-term interest even amid broader caution. Arbitrum's market sentiment appears cautiously optimistic, with a slight upward trend in a tight price range. With key support levels holding, there's potential for growth if market conditions align. BlastUP stands out among tokens for its innovative concept within the Blast ecosystem. This project has drawn attention for its growth potential, making it a strategic choice for investors seeking substantial gains during the current bull run. #SolanaInvesting #Blast #Optimisim #MATIC✅ #Cryptocurrencies
Binance distribuirá 3.081.576.651 de tokens NOT em seu Launchpool...
Produtos Flexíveis de DODO: conclua a inscrição para aproveitar até 6% de APR Bônus por Nível!
LDO corrigiu 55% de sua última ATH. Hoje estarei trocando grande parte de meus satoshis nela. Não gostava do projeto, tinha altas taxas, mas parece que agora está ficando bom depois da atualização do ETH. Me julguem nos comentários. #BaleiasdasCriptos Compartilhe com amigos e inimigos.
Podemos esperar ATH em Solana após o halving do Bitcoin?
Exchanges cripto más grandes por volumen en 2024
Joe Biden nem sabe o que são criptomoedas, diz Donald Trump
Hong Kong se une al club de los ETFs spot
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Donald Trump recebe compradores de seus NFTs em jantar de luxo
Principais Exchanges de Criptomoedas por Volume em 2024
⚠️Ethereum has accumulated a significant amount of liquidity in the last three months, and key regions may determine the next local tops and bottoms. - Firstly, the 7-day Liquidation Level shows that Long positions were the most affected as the price approached $2900. Overall, the $3300 region accumulated good liquidity, as many Shorts were opened on Exchanges around $3100 and $3300. In the short term, regions like $3060 (Shorts) and $2830 (Longs) could mark the next points. - On the 30-day Liquidation Level, it is observed that by the end of April, the price entered exhaustion and sought out accumulated Long liquidations. However, it is common to see an increase in Shorts during price declines, which was enough to mark the $3400 region as the main level with $800 million for potential liquidations. Regions below $2800 also persist for Longs not yet liquidated in the last month. - As for the 3-month Liquidation Level, it explains the recent volatility in Ethereum in May. Essentially, most of this period saw Longs being opened, and the price has liquidated these trades due to high confidence in a continuation of the uptrend in April. It is still possible to observe that the main unliquidated levels are at $2700 (Longs) and above $3750 (Shorts). That is, a variation of $1000 for the ETH price, which is already enough to liquidate most of the current Long and Short positions. - To estimate Ethereum's next movements, we can consider its correlation with Bitcoin. Note that when the correlation between ETHUSDT and BTCUSDT becomes negative, the price of Bitcoin starts to fall, leading to a decline in basically all cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if from now on $ETH rises before BTC, it's a sign that we will have a dump in search of the Long liquidation levels mentioned here. But if $BTC rises before ETH, it's likely that Shorts positions will be the first to be affected. I hope you enjoyed this analysis, and don't forget to check out our platform at
¿Podemos esperar un nuevo ATH de Solana después del halving de Bitcoin?
The altcoin $UMA experienced a spike in significant volatility as it broke out of accumulation. Our CryptoTrend Screener shows that UMA surged +26% in the last 24 hours and +10% in Open Interest over 1 hour, and it is one of the few altcoins that is above the Bollinger Band on the daily chart. From a 3D perspective, it is possible to observe how it stood out compared to other cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that the recent pump was mainly driven by leveraged positions on Binance Futures. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that the uptrend will continue as positions can be closed at any time. #UMA
Segurança inteligente em criptomoedas: como identificar e evitar tokens falsos da Binance Launchpool
Binance fala sobre melhores práticas de investigação em evento da Chainalysis com autoridades brasileiras
As liquidações mais fortes estão acima. Em breve poderemos ter subida forte com as dados otimistas para o FED na semana que vem. #BaleiasdasCriptos
Google Trends para a palavra-chave 'Bitcoin' no último mês diminuíram consideravelmente, as sardinhas demonstram desinteresse. 🎭 Juros diminuirão em setembro de 2024 pelos EUA, o foguete irá decolar em breve, esta será a minha última chamada. 🚀 Quando Bitcoin sair nos jornais do mundo onde eu começarei a vender para eles. 🥰😎 #BaleiasdasCriptos
🧠A metric that every trader should know is the Top Trader Long/Short Ratio (Position) compared to the Top Trader Long/Short Ratio (Account). It points to highly accurate signals for Long positions, but why does this happen, and why do traders not know about this metric? Firstly, it's a customized metric because traders can't access it on commonly known platforms. In other words, it's hidden from the majority of analysts. But basically, when the positions of the top 20% of trades on Binance and Bybit rise significantly in relation to the sentiment of accounts on these exchanges, the price action rises rapidly. The reverse is also true to switch trends because when the accounts of the major trades tend to become very bullish, in practice they outweigh the values held in leveraged positions, causing the price to undergo dumps in search of forced liquidations. This explains why the majority of liquidations are Long positions. But the magic of the relationship between these metrics shows that we are able to provide insights that are rarely found in the market, allowing you to make more informed decisions by going against the herd effect that occurs in the cryptocurrency market. #Long #Short #BTC #Whale #LongShortRatio $BTC $ETH $BNB
SEC classifica stablecoin proposta pela Ripple como ‘criptoativo não registrado’
Earn Wednesday: novas ofertas por tempo limitado disponíveis agora! (08/05/2024)