Main Takeaways

  • Since June 2022, Binance Charity has donated more than $2.2 million BUSD to leading educational projects worldwide to widen access to Web3 courses.

  • Over the course of the last six months, the Binance Charity Scholar Program received more than 82,000 applications, with 36,500 places awarded in 2022.

  • The Binance Charity Scholar Program has so far provided funding for 67,155 scholarship places — with 30,655 still to be granted in 2023.

  • Interested applicants can visit our dedicated Binance Scholar Program page for more details about available scholarships and their respective requirements. 

The Binance Charity Scholar Program is enabling the next generation of digital leaders to develop their skills, knowledge and experience without financial barriers thanks to its support of more than 67,000 scholarships at leading Web3 educational organizations.

Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of Binance, has revealed that over the course of the last six months, it has received more than 82,000 applications to its Binance Scholar Program, which has so far dedicated $2.2 million BUSD to supporting free access to some of the world’s best Web3 educational opportunities.

At Binance, we believe knowledge is wealth that cannot be stolen, and crypto literacy is the cornerstone of mass adoption. Education is a huge part of what we do and who we are, especially in support of our mission to advance the adoption of digital assets. As such, Binance Charity plays a huge role in our efforts to widen access to global Web3 education, with the launch of its Scholar Program in June 2022 an integral part of these efforts. 

What Is the Binance Scholar Program? 

In short, the Binance Scholar Program enables the next generation of digital leaders to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience without financial barriers. We recognize that digital education and skills development can be out of reach for many, resulting in a blockchain industry that lacks diversity and talent. 

The Binance Scholar Program changes all that, covering the costs of tuition and course fees at some of the world’s leading universities, colleges, and vocational training providers. In addition to financial support, Binance is committed to also providing opportunities for scholars to gain exposure to our ecosystem, supporting their journey into continued education, training, or employment so they can power the next generation of ideas.

In 2022, over $2.2 million (in BUSD) was donated to leading educational projects in many countries, including Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, France, Germany, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Ukraine. This gave students the opportunity to take Web3-related courses for free.

Top Educational Organizations as Partners

Binance Charity is partnering with Binance Academy — our non-profit blockchain education portal — and some of the world’s leading institutions and organizations to deliver these educational opportunities. Those involved in the Binance Scholar Program include:

  • University of Western Australia 

  • University of Nicosia 

  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Blockchain Center) 

  • Simplon 

  • Utiva 

  • Women in Tech 

  • Kyiv IT Cluster 

  • Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ukraine

So far, Binance’s donations have funded 259,180 hours of Web3 education and training. In total, Binance Charity’s educational initiative is delivering 67,155 scholarships, with 36,500 already granted, and another 30,655 yet to open.

“The response to our Web3 education projects has been unprecedented, showing the keen appetite of so many people to learn about blockchain, De-Fi, NFTs, coding and much more,” said Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity. 

“We’re seeing interest from a diverse range of people, including a great ratio of women, which is something I feel particularly passionate about. With so many more education initiatives with amazing partners in the pipeline, we’ve never been more excited to build a more inclusive Web3 world.” 

Examples of Binance Scholar Program Initiatives

We first initiated the global Binance Charity Scholar Program in June 2022 with our IT Generation project. This was an initiative created in partnership with Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation and Lviv IT Cluster, designed to help Eastern Ukrainians — who had lost their jobs due to the war — to re-train and re-enter the job market.

In France, meanwhile, we’ve partnered with Simplon to enable 10,000 people from disadvantaged communities battling increasing unemployment to learn more about blockchain and look to use their studies to enter the industry.

“What we saw was really interesting. I knew a bit about crypto before, but this time I really got to learn about blockchain technology,” said Terry Genly, a student at Simplon. “It was really clear. I had no idea you could do so much with it. I can’t wait to learn more.”

We’re also working with the Women In Tech organization to offer vocational training to nearly 3,000 women in rural South Africa and Brazil — the end goal being further job creation and support to future entrepreneurs. 

And in Nigeria, we’ve partnered with educational tech hub Utiva to educate 50,000 young people about Web3, including 1,000 scholarships for a one-year intensive training program designed to support movement into blockchain-related employment. 

Courses within the Binance Scholar Program vary in length from short intros to a year-long commitment, with some opportunities online and others offline. Studies cover a variety of topics, including applications, blockchain, coding, cryptocurrency, decentralization, fan tokens, metaverse, NFTs, and trading. 

This is just the beginning of Binance Charity’s education initiative. Interested applicants can visit our dedicated Binance Scholar Program page for more details. 

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