• Coinage tweeted about the different labels given to SBF and DO Kwon after committing crimes.

  • TCB mentioned Coinage’s tweet highlighting the differences.

  • Both the platforms put forward question to the community to see if Do Kwon was an ambitious man with a failed project.

TCB, the Twitter platform posted a tweet mentioning the question raised by the media platform Coinage regarding the allegations on CEO of the crypto exchange FTX, Samuel Bankman-Fried and Do Kwon, the fugitive CEO and the co-founder of the blockchain platform Terraform Labs. 

Both the tweets referred to the way in which the former is labeled a “criminal” while, Kwon, is described just as “failed at an ambitious project”.

Sam Bankman-Fried is a criminal, he committed fraud.Do Kwon /@stablekwon failed at an ambitious project. pic.twitter.com/eMrNYSXTsd

— TCB (@THORmaximalist) SBF is a Criminal But Do Kwon is a Failed Man; Community Answers appeared first on Coin Edition.