Cryptocurrency adoption is gaining ground, with Hong Kong giving the green light to Ethereum ETF. This move has gathered market attention, particularly considering the recently concluded Bitcoin Halving.

Meanwhile, new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales are launching on different exchanges, with investors keenly monitoring. InsideBitcoins has tracked the listing of these tokens, presenting a list worthy of consideration.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Daoversal, a Web3 platform leveraging blockchain technology, encompasses a social network, DappStore, DeFi infrastructure, and AI applications. The DART network enhances individual experiences and asset value. Mega Dice has raised over $1.1 million, edging closer to $1.5 million. Meanwhile, Drive3 emerges as a decentralized storage solution rooted in Web3 principles. In a turn of events, Bitcoin broke a six-week losing streak, surging to $67,000.

1. Daoversal (DAOT)

Daoversal is a Web3 social-ecological platform leveraging blockchain technology. It focuses on a social network, DappStore, DeFi infrastructure, and AI applications. The platform aims to support multiple global blockchains and aspires to become a primary gateway for Web3 users. Furthermore, it seeks to establish a significant presence in the Web3 financial landscape through AI technologies.

Daoversal operates under two strategic frameworks: the B2B Developer-friendly Ecosystem and the B2C Consumer-oriented Infrastructure. The Ecosystem creates an environment conducive to developers by offering tools and services to support application development and commercialization. Meanwhile, the Infrastructure serves as a user traffic pool, delivering high-quality services directly to consumers.

DAOT Price Chart

The B2B Ecosystem targets developers, supplying essential tools and commercial services to facilitate the creation of Daoversal-based applications. Its goal is to provide a reliable technological foundation and support to foster Web3 technology innovation. 

Likewise, the DappStore offers various decentralized applications within this ecosystem, including GameFi, NFT integration, and DeFi options. This provides users with diverse choices and new development opportunities. Additionally, Daoversal commits to building a stable DeFi infrastructure to offer secure and efficient digital financial services.

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On the other hand, the B2C Infrastructure focuses on consumers by including a blockchain-based 3D social platform and AI applications. This infrastructure aims to deliver a safe and personalized social experience. Users can create 3D virtual photos, establish decentralized identities, follow interests, and connect with others. Thus, Daoversal aims to be a gateway for Web3 users, fostering a vibrant and innovative digital social network.

These two strategic systems are mutually reinforcing and interconnected. The B2B Ecosystem supports developer innovation and commercialization. Meanwhile, the B2C Infrastructure provides consumers with a robust application experience. Together, they help Daoversal achieve its objective of advancing and applying Web3 technology. 

2. Digital Asset Rights Token (DAR)

DART presents a blockchain-centric network to enhance individual existence, preserve asset value, and distribute transaction profits. This network allows users to access these advanced features without requiring special attention.

Currently, Ethereum supports Web cryptocurrency circulation and smart contract execution. However, it struggles with fluctuating gas fees and price instability. To address these challenges, DART has developed “DART’s Chain,” a private blockchain designed for the efficient and cost-effective issuance and circulation of NFTs and RFTs (Re-Fungible Tokens). This system includes advanced features like content protection and direct profit sharing for creators through multiple revenue distributions.

DAR Price Chart

Moreover, DART’s Chain operates as a cross-chain platform core. It is interoperable with various blockchains, including Ethereum, which facilitates the issuance and circulation of NFTs and RFTs.

The DAR token (Digital Asset Right Token) is the primary payment method within the DART’s ecosystem and distributes profits to creators and stakeholders. Profit distribution from NFT and RFT transactions occurs via the DART’s Vault smart contract within DART’s Chain. Additionally, DAR token holders can deposit funds into DART’s Vault, earning incentives proportional to their contributions to the ecosystem.

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Furthermore, the protocol has made the DAR token exchangeable with fiat currencies on global cryptocurrency exchanges, enhancing its real-world applicability. It aims to simplify asset value definition, preservation, copyright and neighboring rights, transactions, distribution, promotion, settlement, and revenue sharing across industries. This comprehensive approach contributes to the transformation of the NFT and RFT markets.

In conclusion, DART offers a well-rounded solution to the challenges faced by existing blockchain systems. DART’s Chain represents a significant advancement in the blockchain space by focusing on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and advanced functionalities for content creators.

3. Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice, a prominent GameFi cryptocurrency project built on the Solana network, has garnered significant attention by raising over $1.1 and nearing the impressive $1.5 million milestone. Positioned to establish itself as a leader in gaming and cryptocurrency realms, Mega Dice caters to gamblers on its platform and DICE token holders.

With the DICE token currently valued at $0.075 and over 16 million tokens already sold during the presale phase, prospective investors are encouraged to participate before potential price adjustments occur.

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In addition to its fundraising efforts, Mega Dice has implemented a Refer & Earn program, incentivizing users to introduce new participants to the platform by offering them a percentage of their referred users’ spending. Moreover, the project has adopted an assertive airdrop strategy, allocating $2.25 million across three seasons.

Season 1 specifically targets active players who wager a minimum of $5,000 within 21 days, offering a substantial $750,000 reward pool. Seasons 2 and 3 extend these incentives, providing an additional $1.5 million for sustained activity until the DICE token is listed on exchanges.

Beyond airdrops, token holders can earn rewards through staking, receiving daily payouts based on the casino’s profits. Additionally, Mega Dice offers NFTs for VIP players and a 25% referral commission to enhance engagement and participation on the platform further.

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4. Drive3 (DRV3)

Drive3 introduces itself as a decentralized storage solution deeply rooted in Web3 principles. It emphasizes data dispersal across its network to mitigate centralization risks. Unlike conventional storage systems, Drive3 implements user-selectable encryption and conducts data availability tests, ensuring prompt repairs in case of unforeseen events to prevent data loss.

The key highlight of Drive3 lies in its decentralized architecture, where data is distributed across various nodes, providing users with exclusive management rights via their private keys. Through point-to-point network transmission technology, Drive3 boasts faster transmission speeds than traditional methods, facilitating instant responses and seamless data transfers.

DRV3 Price Chart

Moreover, Drive3 notably supports multiple public chains such as ETH and Polygon, allowing users to establish identities on these chains for spatial independence and flexibility in usage.

Regarding data storage, Drive3 offers backup and transfer functionalities without limitations on format or size. Professional nodes and transmission technologies ensure efficient data transfer speeds, with the storage process built upon a robust role system encompassing space allocation, storage verification, and security technology protection.

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Following registration, users receive a 10GB allocation of free space on a single network, with opportunities to obtain additional free space through official activities and testing. Weekly Drive3 official Discord community activities allow users to participate and earn additional space.

Furthermore, file sharing on Drive3 supports both public and authorized sharing. Users can set validity periods for shared links and specify wallet addresses for authorized recipients, ensuring restricted access to shared files. Lastly, Drive3 offers a free NFT minting function, enabling creators to transform their digital creations into permanent NFT collections, providing copyright protection, and facilitating transactions for their work.

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