The big cake did not break out of the continuous breakthrough, and closed with 2 consecutive negatives and fell. It is still consolidating at a high level of 29500-31500. The non-agricultural data will be announced on Friday night. Keep a close eye on it! The news that is higher than expected or lower than expected will drive the market to break.

It is currently in the third stage of the pull-up, which can be seen as a 5-wave pull-up. According to the current trend, it is difficult to break through in a straight line, and the market is shaking. After the weekly big sun, there are continuous cross stars. It seems strong but has not broken through, and it continues to shake and wash. The short-term shock pattern remains unchanged, and the support and resistance begin to move downward. The adjustment is not over yet, but the support below is also very strong. It will fall below 30200 again during the day and wait for the 30000-29800 line to be touched for the first time to ambush a wave of bulls. Pay attention to the next day's drop at 30800-31000, and look bearish. The watershed is 31300.

The Ethereum linkage is weaker. Pay attention to the support of 1880 below in the short cycle. The starting point support is at 1850-1830. If it touches here, it will ambush a wave of more. Pay attention to the starting point of 1940-1950 above. If it rebounds to here, it will be bearish. Maintain the idea of ​​selling high and buying low. The market is changing rapidly. If you want to know the market at the first time, contact me!

There will be small non-farm and unemployment benefit figures tonight, so you can pay attention to them!

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