• While Shibainu (SHIB) and DogWifHat (WIF) have struggled for popularity in recent weeks, a new meme coin is making huge gains.

While Shibainu (SHIB) and #DogWifHat (WIF) have been losing momentum in recent weeks, a new #meme coin, Flying Monkey (FLYMONK), launched today on Solana, is generating huge revenue.

Currently, FLYMONK (contract address: J35nRFe64N6EYkmgag41HuN4YBdiF1LxCjS2yg7dQakD) can only be purchased on decentralized Solana exchanges like Raydium, but centralized exchanges will be launched within days.

These listings are very favorable for Flying Monkey's price, as millions of additional crypto investors will be able to access the token, leading to a massive influx of funds and a jump in price.

Even before the listing is announced, the price of Flying Monkey will skyrocket by 3,600% and then seek further growth, eventually reaching a market value of $20 million.

The developers also plan to launch an extensive marketing campaign to potentially make the token go viral and challenge platforms like Shiba Inu and DogWifHat.

If FLYMONK manages to replicate the success of #SHIB and #WIF , early investors could become millionaires.

Given the huge profit potential offered by new meme coins such as FLYMONK, it's no wonder that many crypto investors are choosing to invest in these coins rather than major altcoins.

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