• Elon Musk has confirmed that new users of X (formerly Twitter) will have to pay a "small fee" to be able to post messages such as , add bookmarks and reply to messages for a "small" fee.

The fee is being introduced to combat a surge in bot activity and fake accounts, exacerbated by advanced artificial intelligence.

Under Musk's leadership, significant staff cuts, including in the content moderation team, have led to an increase in spam.

#Elon Musk, the former head of Twitter, has sparked another controversy. He now tweets, likes , bookmarks and replies, only to have new users pay for the privilege of doing so. In doing so, he is ushering in a new era for the platform.

Mr. Musk has admitted that X will start charging new users for what used to be free. This fee is ostensibly an anti-bot measure, and Mr. Musk seems to be sticking to that point of view. According to Musk, advances in artificial intelligence have made it too easy for bots to bypass traditional security checks, which has led to a rise in fake accounts. He believes the solution to this problem is to get real people to pay.

Last year, Company X piloted a payment model in New Zealand and the Philippines that charged a nominal annual fee. Judging by Musk's recent comments, it wasn't just a trial, but the beginning of a broader strategy to roll out the fee around the world.

Unfortunately, a small fee for new users to access records is the only way to curb the relentless onslaught of bots.

Current AI (and troll farms) can easily pass the "you're a bot" test.

The reason for the mask's appearance? He's fed up with bots and fake accounts flooding the platform. He also said the fee would be temporary, perhaps only for the first three months after a user registers, a sort of grace period, so to speak, to see if it would help clean up the platform.

In addition, anyone could now buy the ability to authenticate to X and see their posts and replies.


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