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Here are 7 coins which will give you 5x to 10x returns in bull run easily. DCA below given coins and hold in spot only. Pixel MANTA AEVO Wan Ondo ICX SEI #MU_Traders #CryptoCrash #Wormhole

Here are 7 coins which will give you 5x to 10x returns in bull run easily.

DCA below given coins and hold in spot only.








#MU_Traders #CryptoCrash


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BTC Update : Date: 22 May 2024 Yesterday , predicted BTC will retest 69K level and then a new all time high will be created. All of you see $BTC retested $69k. But today analyzed graph in more detail and get some more accurate support and resistance and changed my opinion of ATH. Must read full post before taking any decision. In last thier is also my point of view. Current price of BTC is $70,100. If we look on chart a FVG level marked from $67,700 - $68,905. 90% chance BTC drop to $68k range ,fill FVG and bounce from their. So, 68k level has marked as support . According to Elliott wave #BTC 5th Elliot Wave has completed . Mostly when 5th Elliot Wave complete price take a correction almost near to high of 3rd wave so 85% chance BTC correct to 68k level . And after correction a new wave will start which will bring it toward new ATH. The above two concepts are base on technical analysis . We also need to keep eye on fundamental. Here are fundamental points: 1. SEC will approve #ETHETFS in next 2 days (Bullish). 2. Today a bill will be approve or not about crypto. If approve it will also Bullish . My point of view: Fundamental are bullish , technical bearish. I will respect technical as $ETH ETF is 1 day away. Technical will perform Thier action in 24 hours. I will wait for filling of FVG and take entry at 68,500 and will do DCA. 🚨🚨🚨Note: #MU_Traders is not a financial advisor so #DYOR* . Take care of your money. If you find this post helpful then do not forget to like and share. Must give your opinion about BTC next movement . Follow if you have not followed yet. #pizzaday
🚨🚨🚨 If you are holding $PYTH or want to buy then must read before taking any step. Yesterday ( 20 May 2024 ) 1.58 Billion PYTH token unlocked 🔓 of worth $736 million usdt. 16.67% tokens are holding by private sale buyers and remaining by development purpose team. Team will use these funds to work on project and will improve it. With the development of project price of #PYTH will pump. And all of you can see now the price of PYTH as compared to yesterday . This is current sentiment move. Let's discuss in technical point of view what will be PYTH price in upcoming days , week and months . If we look on charts PYTH has formed falling wedge pattern and breakout it. Falling Wedge is Bullish pattern so it's breakout indicate pump in price of PYTH. We will find: [ First resistance at 0.5076, R2 at 0.5900, R3 0.7000 , R4 0.8100, R5 1.0100, R6 1.1500.] On these resistance price will show weakness and some consolidation so when ever price reach Their sell 30-50% and buy from lower. You can treat these resistance as your Target point. Note: Above given targets are on 4H TF so they will get achieved in 30 days. Let's discuss Fundamental of PYTH and guess price of PYTH for #BullRunPotential . 1. PYTH built on Solana chain and use for building of apps with high-fidelity oracle . 2. @Pyth Network is backed by CMT Digital , @Binance Bodhi Ventures and much more. 3. PYTH collect data from institutions and public them ( high demand thing at that time). 4. PYTH provide feed on 50+ Blockchain like $BNB chain , $ETH Chain , Optimism Chain and more. All these key points make it more useful and trustable token in market. After keeping many other point in research we can predict price of PYTH from $5 - $7 in Bull Run . If you find this post helpful then like and comment on this post and share with your trader friends. What price you think PYTH token in Bull Run tell in comment. I will read all comment . #MU_Traders #ETHETFS #BTC

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