Raj Gokal, the co-founder of Solana, stated in an interview with TechCrunch on Monday that his blockchain has the potential to emulate Apple and become the biggest chain in crypto. 

“Solana has the potential to be the Apple of crypto. For many years, Apple focused on two things: user experience and performance. I think about Apple, having worked for close to a decade on latency for touchscreens to allow for the iPhone to come out, and it just felt like magic,” Gokal stated.

Solana has kept last year’s woes behind after rebounding by over 300% from $8 and is now trading above $20. Gokal sees the uptrend continuing and Solana expanding to even greater adoption.

Solana Following the Apple Blueprint

Gokal stated that as Apple focused on user experience and performance, he and Solana’s core engineering team focus on creating a network that feels like the regular internet when it is an entirely new financial internet. 

According to Gokal, the network is doing and will continue to do many things behind the scenes to keep up with evolving trends in the crypto industry. The CEO stated that the team is focused on enhancing scalability and competence to attract new businesses, projects, and independent developers.

Solana’s effort to compete in all areas of blockchain and technology was evident when it launched Saga, a smartphone that enables users to access web3-focused crypto services without using a computer. Designed by Solana Labs, the flagship mobile phone gained traction in the tech industry.

From the Basics

Gokal believes that the only way Solana can grow by over 100x is to attract small independent businesses and developers to build on the network. Solana has preferred to neglect the big brands and focus on start-ups with the potential to hit the big stage.

The “Ethereum Killer,” as it brands itself, has a different approach to expansion, as seen in its partnerships. Solana partnered with Google Cloud, allowing the computing service provider to run a validator code on its blockchain. Gokal stated that a few big companies are worth partnering with and insisted it would continue with hungrier start-ups.

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