A Comprehensive Review: PaySaxas vs Airwallex

When choosing a service for business payments, we recommend paying attention to all tariff plans, terms of service, and features. Only in this way, you will be able to choose a reliable company and get the most favorable conditions. We present to you with the Airwallex business account review and a review of PaySaxas service features. We tell you about popular platforms, their advantages, and the best tariffs.

Introduction to PaySaxas and Airwallex

PaySaxas enables the creation of virtual accounts for working with different currencies and paying bills. Thanks to this, every entrepreneur can comfortably pay with counterparties, employees, or clients. At the same time, the Airwallex business account is a payment platform. The organization’s main goal is to help businesses of all sizes grow. It has been operating since 2015.

Pros and Cons of PaySaxas and Airwallex

Both companies have their advantages and disadvantages. That is why you should review the services of these providers carefully before opting for one of them. Avoid Airwallex business account fees and take advantage of all the pros.


Among the main advantages of Paysaxas are:

  • the ability to make payments with counterparties in 100 countries;

  • the simplest and most convenient registration;

  • the ability to work with multi-currency accounts;

  • currency conversion at the best rate;

  • instant transactions.

In our Airwallex business review, we also found the advantages of the second company. Among the main pluses is the opening of multi-currency accounts, a relatively small fee for issuing six or more cards.


In general, the definition of disadvantages is subjective because each person has their own criteria. But some of the main ones for AirWallex include:

  • possibility to work not with all countries;

  • there is a commission and monthly payment for each card after the sixth;

  • SWIFT transfers are carried out with a commission;

  • many documents are required to open an account, including proof of residence.

The main downside of PaySaxas is that the organization is still quite young.

Features of PaySaxas and Airwallex Accounts

In general, Airwallex business account fees are minimal, so you can open an account for free. However, you must pay for maintenance and all transactions outside the tariff. Paysaxas, on the other hand, offers more flexible terms and conditions.

Company Account Features

AirWallex offers to open accounts in banks in the USA, Australia, the UK, and Europe. At the same time, all of them are automatically merged into one account. At the same time, PaySaxas multi-currency accounts allow you to work with all currencies simultaneously and settle payments with counterparties conveniently.

Transfer Limits

The PaySaxas platform offers the most loyal conditions for its users’ work. You can send large sums to your customers or clients almost without restrictions. This will allow you to use the account as efficiently as possible. You can get commissions only for trading oil and other special materials, clearly marked in the rules. At the same time, AirWallex has a commission of up to HK$150 per SWIFT transaction.


You can open virtual cards directly on the official PaySaxas website. This way, you can give them to your employees so everyone can make payments without problems. AirWallex, on the other hand, is limited to a maximum of 5 cards, after which you have to pay a monthly fee.

Foreign Exchange

Everyone can quickly exchange currencies in a PaySaxas account. This lets you take advantage of the most optimal rates and lose nothing. In addition, there is a unique tool for exchanging currency for cryptocurrency, which will be especially convenient for fast transactions. Airwallex’s business bank account, however, cannot offer such competitive exchange rates and fast conversions.

Fees in PaySaxas vs Airwallex

You can even use the PaySaxas platform for free. All thanks to minimal commissions and favorable tariff plans. Thanks to this, you can make transactions within their framework without a problem. At the same time, Airwallex features will require you to pay constant commissions for transfers and use many cards.

Analysis of Various Fees

In most cases, it is most advantageous to choose the basic tariff, which will allow you to use the basic functionality of AirWallex and transfer funds within the system for free. The fees for general transfers are more favorable with PaySaxas because you can choose a tariff that suits your business.

Customer Reviews and Feedback for PaySaxas and Airwallex

There are many positive and negative reviews about AirWallex online service. Most often, they write about complicated identity verification and the need to collect many documents for registration. Account opening also takes 10 days. At the same time, on the PaySaxas site, you can open an account as quickly as possible and with a minimum set of documents to confirm your right to ownership.

How PaySaxas and Airwallex Work?

First, PaySaxas works on business so that the customers’ companies grow and can use all the extensive functionality. That is why it is easy to find many different tariffs, promotions, and opportunities for financial instruments on the site. At the same time, AirWallex is suitable for working only with a limited list of countries and currencies. For small transfers, it will be enough.

Safety Measures of PaySaxas vs Airwallex

The PaySaxas system provides reliable protection for each user. The money on the account is also safe because each account undergoes several verification stages. All personal and financial information is located on protected servers. Only Airwallex limits are known about the second service, which will not allow an attacker to withdraw too much money from the account.

International Transfer Pricing

You can see Airwallex transaction limit restrictions that will not allow you to send too much currency at a time. At the same time, exchange limits are quite loyal, but the exchange rate will not be the market rate.

PaySaxas boasts the availability of free transfers and large limits on any action. Due to this, in our review, you can see the clear superiority of the service over the competitor. You can easily upgrade your rate or pay a minimum fee to continue making transactions.

Transfer Duration With PaySaxas and Airwallex

At PaySaxas, you can count on instant transfers delivered to the recipient within minutes. Thanks to this, you can settle promptly with your client or counterparty and get your benefit. At the same time, the Airwallex transfer limit also concerns time limits. The transaction can take several hours or even days to be moderated. Generally, transfers are made within 1 day.

How to Use PaySaxas and Airwallex?

Using the service will not be a problem for you. All thanks to the simplest possible interface. At the same time, an Airwallex merchant account will require some effort, including submitting many documents. You can read all the terms and conditions directly on their website because they are long.

Opening an Account

It is enough to use the instructions simply:

  1. Go to the official PaySaxas website.

  2. Click the open account button and provide your company information.

  3. Confirm your phone number and email.

After that, you can log into your account and enjoy all the benefits. At the same time, creating an account in the second platform imposes Airwallex payment limits on you.

Transferring Money

More often than not, using Airwallex account limits UK, you need to be sure to take into account all additional deductions. Only in this case you can transfer funds without any problems. You can do this for free within the system. In PaySaxas:

  1. You need to authorize and go to the page for creating payments.

  2. Specify the data of the counterparty and the amount.

  3. Confirm the transfer.

After that, the funds will be sent online.

Funding Methods

On both platforms, you can easily deposit money using various payment systems. The easiest way to get money is to use classic bank cards. Also, in PaySaxas, you can increase your balance by sending cryptocurrency.

Documents Required and Verification Time

Increasing the Airwallex daily transfer limit is possible only by verifying and paying a higher rate plan. In this case, the number of documents is large. In PaySaxas, the procedure is much simpler.

What Documents You’ll Need

To confirm your identity in PaySaxas, all you need to do is:

  1. Activate the procedure in the personal cabinet.

  2. Provide a passport or other supporting documents.

  3. Wait for the verification to be completed.

At the same time, in Airwallex, limits transfer will be extended for you only after providing documents proving the account holder’s identity. You will also need to confirm your place of residence with gas, water, and light receipts. Additionally, you will need a 3-month bank statement showing each transfer.

How Long Does Verification Take

At PaySaxas, you can expect a time from 15 minutes to 2-3 hours during normal business hours. At the same time, the second service not only has more Airwallex business pricing, but the procedure is also longer. The usual time is around 1-3 business days.

Limitations of PaySaxas and Airwallex

The conditions are generally not bad on both platforms. You can use PaySaxas within the limits set on the tariffs. If you exceed the limits, you will have to pay additional fees. At the same time, pricing in AirWallex is higher, so you must keep a closer eye on each transaction.

Supported Currencies

AirWallex supports a specific number of currencies, as listed on their official website. This is not a bad service that allows you to work with euros, dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and Australian dollars. At the same time, PaySaxas does not have such a limited limit, meaning you can use different currencies without any problems.

Customer Service Comparison

In PaySaxas, you can easily contact technical support via online chat, email, or phone. Everything depends on the availability of operators, but usually, the answer comes within a few minutes. At the same time, Airwallex often accepts the appeal only through mail. All because of UK limitations and high costs for a quality support department.

Alternatives to PaySaxas and Airwallex

Alternatively, you can also try using Skrill, which has been popular lately. The rules there are even less strict than the Airwallex transfer limit. Thanks to this, you can expand the number of your possibilities because you can combine different services and get only their favorable sides.

Conclusion: Is PaySaxas or Airwallex Right for Your Business?

In conclusion, both services show themselves on the best side for entrepreneurs. You can easily use PaySaxas to make transactions in 100 countries worldwide. Thanks to this, you can quickly and profitably convert currencies, pay salaries, and pay bills. At the same time, if you are comfortable with the Airwallex max transfer limit and other restrictions, you can try the second platform.

In any case, you should try it to decide on the best option for your business. You can register for free on the PaySaxas website now!