1) The Taste of Winning. It's not the numbers and zeros of virtual profits that bring real pleasure, but spending your earnings on something you can feel with your hands. It can be a gift to yourself or helping someone in need. That's how psychology works, so spending a small part of your profits on this is a must.

2) Reinvestment. If you made a profit on a high-risk trade, then withdrawing funds and reinvesting them into less risky assets will help secure your portfolio and lay the foundation for stable capital growth in the future.

3) Insurance. Insurance will give you a chance to start over in the event of a trade failure.

4) Safety. Don't put your eggs in one basket. It's not safe to keep all your funds in one place/account/asset, as any exchange, wallet can be hacked, and an asset can lose all of its value in a short period of time.

5) Risk diversification. How to do it? For example, you can divide your funds by risk: a high-risk deposit for futures, a medium-risk portfolio for spot trading/holding, and a low-risk deposit for fixed-rate investments, etc.

Be careful and have successful trades to all.