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Binance Angels Share Their Summer Adventures


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Angels are volunteers who serve the Binance community and advance the Web3 cause. See what a few of our Angels got up to this summer!

  • Dom took up an internship with Binance, Vilaskes traveled across Europe — meeting up with other Angels along the way — and Waleed spent time honing his crypto knowledge. 

Summer may be over, but the memories we made are still fresh on our minds.

From an internship with Binance to a globetrotting adventure across Europe, these Binance Angels wasted no time this past summer. 

As we start to unpack our fall season outfits and slowly transition from shorts to pants (depending on where you live!), three of our Binance Angels volunteered to tell all about their remarkable experiences over the past few months. 

Hint, Binancians know how to have a good time!

Dom — An Internship to Remember

This summer was a significant departure from any that I'd previously experienced. Having been a Binance Angel for over two years, I was given an opportunity that would profoundly shift my career trajectory — a part-time internship with Binance's local Czech team. 

My primary role included managing our local community and social media channels. Moreover, I got to oversee various aspects of marketing operations, such as translating the Binance Blog, managing customer relationships, crafting emails and app notifications, among other responsibilities.

However, my Binance internship wasn't just about fulfilling obligations; it was a journey filled with personal growth and education. Each day was an opportunity to learn.  Each task brought on new challenges and lessons.

As I look back, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Not only did I contribute to Binance and its growth, but I also nurtured my own growth as a person. It was a summer of productivity, a season of discovery, and an invaluable experience that has left a lasting impression. It was, without a doubt, a summer like no other.

Waleed — Hitting the Books

During the summer, I spent my time learning about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on Binance Academy. Might sound boring, but not to me! In particular, I focused on Web3 — the next generation of the Internet that is being reshaped by decentralization and blockchain. 

Binance Academy turned out to be a treasure trove of helpful resources and insights. It equipped me with a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind Web3, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

My summer wasn’t just spent learning and reading about crypto. I got to celebrate Binance's sixth anniversary in person! It was a thrilling day marked by innovation, growth, and a sense of community that the Binance ecosystem embodies. I took part in Binance Feed activities and, much to my surprise and joy, I emerged as the lucky winner of the Binance ring!  

Attending this event deepened my appreciation for Binance’s commitment to its users and took my passion for crypto and blockchain to a whole new level. 

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Vilaskes — Europe Tour

My name is Vilaskes, and I’m part of the Danish community! This summer, I found myself all over Europe — visiting 16 cities across over 10 countries, including Tel Aviv, Bucharest, London, Vienna, Prague, Kutaisi, Athens, Thessaloniki, Yerevan, and more. The total distance covered by my air travels equals three trips around the globe!

Starting with my first destination: Cyprus. Life on the island moves at two different speeds: slow for the locals, but fast for the tourists. Living here, I learned to balance the pace and take life a bit easier. In the early months, I got to meet the Greek Angels on the island and quickly realized what an amazing community thrives here. 

I also took a short one-day trip to Denmark to meet up with fellow Binance Angels before returning to the sunny Cyprus beaches and playing some beach volleyball. Back on the island, I explored the mountains, the quaint villages, and of course, Cape Greko — the southeasternmost point of the European Union. 

Here, at a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, I swam with turtles for the first time in my life. I watched the full blue moon on a Mediterranean beach. The next blue moon won't be seen again until 2037, making the experience especially enchanting. 

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