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5 Random Facts About Binance You Might Not Know


In celebration of our fifth anniversary, we present to you five awesome facts you might not know about us.

1. The Binance origin story

Binance was born thanks to a game of poker.

More accurately, CZ learnt about Bitcoin in 2013 during an at-home poker game. Thereafter, he was intrigued by crypto and the potential it offered, and went on to gain hands-on experience with a crypto wallet provider and within the crypto marketplace. Eventually, in July 2017, he launched Binance.

The rest, as they say, is history.

2. We have a philanthropic arm called Binance Charity.

Fun fact: As a tribute to our origin story, we held a charity poker tournament in 2019. Through this event — made possible thanks to Binance Charity — we raised more than US$170,000 and delivered solar panels and school materials to 15 schools in Uganda.

Binance Charity is dedicated to driving transformative crypto-giving, repurposing emerging tech as tools for philanthropy, and investing in blockchain innovation and R&D for good.

Apart from the charity poker tournament, Binance Charity has continued leveraging on crypto to pursue its missions, like using NFT for Good and ensuring a fast, easy, and transparent donation process through the merits of blockchain technology.

Fancy doing your part for society? Check out the ongoing Binance Charity projects to which you can donate.

3. Our founder is a huge nerd.

“The most elementary building block of revolution, after all, is knowledge.” – Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance.

Our CEO and founder is a huge nerd who makes sure education is a driving force for Binance.

One of Binance Charity’s missions, Education for Strong Foundations, is dedicated to raising funds to help children get access to education. Our charity projects have raised money to fund renovations for His Grace School to provide a better learning environment, and Lunch for Children, a project where anyone can donate to provide meals for children.

Binance Academy, established in 2018, is a hub of free crypto and blockchain resources for the general public. This year, we’ve ramped up efforts to encourage learning across the globe with the launch of Learn and Earn, a program that rewards learners for increasing their blockchain and crypto knowledge.

Binance Blog also keeps our readers informed about the latest happenings in the crypto space. With over 1,500 articles published, Binance Blog covers a wide range of topics, including crypto philosophies, real-world use cases, thought pieces, and Binance’s own products and services.

This February, we also kicked off a blockchain and crypto awareness tour across Africa in order to help promote crypto literacy.

Since October 2018, we’ve held four seasons of the Binance Labs Incubation Program, connecting mentors with mentees to drive innovative projects and help produce top-tier leaders.

In Binance, education is definitely the name of the game.

4. You can watch livestreams right on your Binance app

Did you know we have made several conferences free and accessible to all Binance users? The Binance app isn’t just a platform for accessing crypto – you can also watch free livestreams of our Blockchain Week conferences and other cool crypto events.

Simply log into the app, tap [More], and scroll down until you reach [Gift & Campaign]. There, you will see the Binance Live button. Explore topics from GameFi to NFTs or watch the livestreams happening in real time. You can also watch replays by tapping into the [Follow] tab. Never miss a conference or live event again!

5. You’ve heard of WORDLE, but what about WODL?

A tribute to HODL and BUIDL, WODL is our crypto take on the popular game WORDLE. 

We’re challenging true crypto fans to solve all our WODL puzzles in just three tries! To play, simply log into your Binance app, tap [More], and scroll down until you reach [Gift & Campaign]. Then tap on WODL and start guessing!

How many new facts did you discover today?

If you weren’t surprised by any of the Binance trivia above, congratulations — you’re a top-tier Binance fan! We hope you will continue on the same path for the foreseeable future.