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How to Use the “Inheritance Appeal” Feature on Binance?

How to Use the “Inheritance Appeal” Feature on Binance?

2024-04-03 07:21

What is the “Inheritance Appeal” feature?

If your family member was a Binance user and they unfortunately passed away, you can use the “Inheritance Appeal” feature to submit a claim to inherit the deceased’s Binance assets. Please note that this is subject to the applicable laws and terms and conditions, as well as the provision of legally valid inheritance documents.

How to submit an inheritance appeal?

Please make sure you’ve created your own Binance account before you start the process.
1. Log in to your Binance account and go to Customer Support. Click [View All] under [Self Service]. Then, click [Legacy Inheritance] under [Account].
Alternatively, use this link (Inheritance Appeal) to access the feature directly.
2. Enter the required information and attach all relevant materials and documents. Then, click [Submit]. A dedicated team will review your application shortly.
3. The deceased’s assets will be transferred to the rightful beneficiary or trustee after confirming the application details. Please note that it usually takes around 1 - 2 months to complete the process, but sometimes it may take longer in more complex cases.