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How to Download Account Statement for Your Binance Account and Sub-Accounts

2022-01-26 02:13
You can use the Account Statement function to generate a snapshot of your master account and sub-accounts’ Spot/Margin/Futures asset balance on a selected date. You can also choose to send the statement to your account’s email or export it as an image.
Please note that currently the Account Statement function is only available on the Binance website.
  • You can generate and export the account statements of the master account and the related sub-accounts one at a time.
  • Only the master account can generate account statements of the master account and all sub-accounts. A sub-account can only generate its own account statements. It cannot generate the statements of the master account or other sub-accounts.
  • You can generate account statements for an asset up to one year before today’s date. If you need to generate account statements for more than one year, please contact Binance Support.
  • Asset balance in the Spot/Margin/Futures wallets are calculated in BTC and BUSD. The BTC-to-BUSD conversion rate of the selected date will be shown on the account statement.
  • When exporting account statements, you can send them to your account email or download them as JPEG images.
  • Account balance data refreshes at UTC+0 daily.

How to generate an account statement?

1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Wallet] - [Account Statement].
2. Since account balance data refreshes at UTC+0, today’s balance will be displayed as “Record not ready yet”. You can only view up to yesterday’s record. For example, today is 2022-01-12, then the latest record available would be 2022-01-11.
Please note:
  • If the balance shows “No records found”, there is no balance/positions data available for the selected date. Please select another date.
  • Currently, we do not support generating data older than one year for regular users. For VIP users, if you select a date over a year ago, the balance would display as “Record not ready yet”. Please contact the customer service team for support with your request.
3. Select the Date, Account, and Wallet to generate the account statement, then click [Search].
4. You will see an account overview with the date of the asset snapshot, user ID, account type, wallets, and the BTC-to-BUSD conversion rate. You can also view the asset balance of your Spot/Margin/Futures wallets below.
Please note that only the top 5 asset balance will be shown, other assets will be grouped under [Others].
  • Spot: Your Spot Wallet asset balance.
  • Cross Margin and Isolated Margin: Apart from the total asset balance, it will also display the [Total Debt] and [Account Equity].
For Isolated Margin, you can also view the margin balance.
  • USDⓈ-M Futures and Coin-M Futures: You can view your positions, assets, and unrealized PNL.

How to export an account statement?

1. After generating the account statement, click [Export].
2. You can download the account statement as a JPEG image or send it to your account’s email. If you choose to send it to your email, the account statement is only available in English.
When exporting the account statement via email, please note:
  • If you logged in with the master account, the account statement will be sent to the master account’s email regardless of whether you're generating the account statement of the master account or the sub-accounts.
  • If you logged in with a sub-account, only the account statement of this particular sub-account can be generated. The statement will be sent to this particular sub-account’s email.