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Binance APIs
Binance API
Unlimited Opportunities with One Key.
Trading Connectivity
We offer access to Spot, Margin, Futures and Options API trading for over 300 Digital and Fiat currencies. API trading provides a testing environment, API documentation, and Sample Code in 6 languages. Suitable for HFT, Social Trader and Strategy trader.
Apply/Manage API Key
Deploy API
Trade & Request
Binance Ecosystem
Spot Trading
Market Data
Market Data at your fingertips with Binance API and Websocket Services
K-lines, Premium Index, Order book and other historical data downloadable in just one click
Investment & Services
Manage and grow your digital wealth all in one place.
VIP & Institutional
Binance VIP and Institutional offers access to professional services including better fees, higher trading limits, flexible account management function and OTC services. Our experienced team works closely with a wide range of market participants to provide bespoke trading solutions.
Link Program
Binance Link Program enables enterprise clients to build their business with Binance technology while earning commission from trading fees by leveraging Binance's liquidity and market depth.
Fiat Gateway
Sub Account
Binance Ecosystem
Liquidity & Trading Integration
Rebate on Volume
Link Client
Made for Developers
Facing a problem in development? Find help from the developer community. We would like to hear from you! Share your thoughts with us.
1. How to create API key?
2. Is there an API Documentation?
3. Does Binance provide Testing environment?
4. Can I use other languages(such as Python or Java) with Binance API?
5. Where can I find more information?