Although they initially faced regulatory roadblocks, Telegram crypto groups have become somewhat of suitable habitat for the nascent crypto industry.

One of the most popular features that Telegram offers is “Channels,” which can broadcast messages to a virtually unlimited number of subscribers.This feature has made it possible for crypto to build a thriving macro-level community on the app. There are millions of crypto users right now who make use of Telegram exclusively to get trading signals. 

The private closed-network feature of Telegram means you can find a little bit of everything (the good, the bad, and the ugly) on crypto telegram groups and channels. We have filtered through the many channels to highlight some of the most intriguing and useful channels you can find on Telegram. 

So, here’s our pick for the top 10 Telegram channels where crypto enthusiasts can get information.

1. Crypto VIP Signal

Traders looking for a Telegram channel to get excellent trading signals and technical analysis will enjoy Crypto VIP Signal. This channel offers scalping and swing trading calls for both short to mid-term traders.

In addition, they post several times a day to keep its 357K subscribers up to date on the latest market information and news pertaining to crypto projects.

Like the name implies, crypto VIP Signals is the place you go to for the best trading signals. Of course, not every signal will pan out well, but the fact that the channel has thousands of loyal subscribers means that there is a pretty good chance that you’ll get great crypto signals from the group. Remember, trading signals are not gospel, and you should definitely do your own research before you go big on trade signals. Again, this is advice you should follow for all crypto signal groups, not just VIP Signal.

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2. Verified Crypto Traders

This Telegram Channel is popularly referred to as one of the best crypto signals providers for derivatives trading. Founded in 2017, this channel provides accurate crypto signals from its experienced and skilled traders from the Netherlands, India, the USA, and Poland. 

With over 40k subscribers, they claim to offer 90% accuracy on spot trades and 80% for margin trades. In addition to trade calls, they offer videos to help traders improve their skills. 

It does not matter whether you’re new to crypto or an experienced trader, Verified Crypto Traders will give you direct access to expert traders that you can learn how to make even more profitable trades from. And if you want even deeper technical analysis and better crypto signals, you can join their premium crypto signal group. 

Of course, you can still get actionable crypto signals from the free group if you want. 

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3. DeFi Million

This Telegram channel is created to keep you up to speed with all the trends in the decentralized finance sector. Although there are general news bits from the broader crypto industry, the focus is on DeFi protocols, news, reviews, and predictions. 

The admins of DeFi Million also bring important information to its subscribers, and this helps keep them up to date with the sheer number of projects packing the crypto space regularly.  It also provides signals on some DeFi tokens.

DeFi Million is an extremely popular group for all the right reasons. Unlike other crypto signals telegram groups that are sort of generalists, DeFi Million focuses on the best signals for DeFi projects. If you are an investor searching for high quality signals to predict market movements in the DeFi space, there is probably no better telegram group to join than DeFi Million.

Of course, like most free telegram groups, DeFi Millions sometimes shills bad projects and offers spot trading signals that could lose you a lot of money. That is why it is important that you do your own due diligence before jumping on cryptocurrency signals from these channels.

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4. Metaverse | NFT |  News

The first thing you need to understand about this telegram group is that it is not your typical crypto signals telegram group. The best way to describe the group is a news source that is also a free channel that gives out free crypto signals. 

Metaverse/NFT/News  is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to start their journey into the world of metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFT). Dedicated to one of the hottest crypto trends, this Telegram group has gathered over 560,000 subscribers in a very short period. The rapid growth of this Telegram channel can be directly linked to the quality of content being dished to subscribers on a daily basis.

This channel acts as a news aggregator for all things metaverse and NFT-related. All important news relating to NFTs and the metaverse is posted in addition to pointers about interesting projects that subscribers should consider.

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5. Binance Killers

This channel has become very popular for offering some of the most accurate daily cryptocurrency market analyses. Binance Killers shares insightful tips about investing in the crypto market using graphs and various rules with its 118,000 subscribers. It also shares tips about Wall Street, trading, and forex scalping strategies.  

While the name Binance Killers sounds interesting, no one really knows where it came from. All we know is that the telegram group provides really great crypto buy signals and are one of the best signal providers on Telegram. 

Binance Killers crypto telegram group can take you from being a green horn who needs a free telegram group to make good trades to one of the best crypto investors on the market in a very short while. 

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If you’re looking to catch up with the next hot crypto project, then ICO SPEAKS NEWS is the best crypto Telegram channel for you. Amassing over 226k subscribers, this channel covers upcoming ICOs, as well as airdrops, token sales, and many other topics.

If you are interested in getting personal opinions about projects, ICO Speaks News has a group dedicated to that. ICO Speaks functions as a free chat where members can express their opinion or share info about tokens, companies, and investment strategies. Speed is extremely important when trading, and that is where ICO Speaks excels. The channel has a fantastic reach in the crypto community, and important market news often finds its way there first.

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7. Bitcoin Industry

This is one of the oldest and most widely known crypto Telegram channels. With over 456k subscribers, Bitcoin Industry is a popular crypto trading signals service that also finds a way to publish news from the world faster than anyone else.

Although named Bitcoin Industry, the news covered in this crypto telegram group cuts across the entire cryptocurrency industry. So if you are looking for all sorts of crypto signals across the crypto world, then Bitcoin Industry is one of those crypto signals groups you should be looking at.

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8. Crypto Mountains

With over 370k subscribers, Crypto Mountains is one of the most established crypto channels on Telegram. Crypto Mountains is an excellent place to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, web 3, and emerging topics and trends in the crypto universe. 

It is really one of the best telegram groups you can join, and the channel has turned a lot of beginners into advanced traders within a short while.

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9. Crypto Profit Coach

This channel is popularly referred to as one of the most profitable cryptocurrency groups due to the very high accuracy of trade calls provided by the admin of the Telegram crypto group.

The Crypto Profit Coach specializes in offering calls on “Weekly 5x, 10x, 20x, and even 100x crypto gems.” Subscribers also benefit from the free bulletins relating to other assets. This makes it easier for them to get in front of major market events before they even happen. Traders can even get access to crypto trading bots that make auto trading super easy.

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10. Unfolded

This is one of the fastest-growing Telegram crypto news channels. It is certainly not one of the most popular telegram channels in the world. But what Unfolded lacks in popularity, it makes up for in high grade signals. That is why it is one of the best crypto telegram groups on the internet right now. Unfolded has amassed over 101k subscribers who prefer short, concise bits of crypto news, with links for individuals who wish to read deeper. It is also one of the very few telegram groups that offer in depth insights on trading ideas.

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Why You Should Care

Crypto Telegram channels are important tools in the arsenal of crypto traders, with some providing an almost endless stream of trade calls and strategies, while others are dedicated to keeping both newcomers and enthusiasts up-to-date with all essential happenings around the world of crypto.

As the crypto market expands and more people jump into the industry, finding a helpful community could help them grow and find their footing in the crypto ecosystem. Although there are an almost endless number of crypto telegram groups, we advise that you choose a group that best suits your needs.