After 2 years of the bear market that everyone in the cryptospace felt, the tide is currently turning in favor of the bull market and Bitcoin continues to grow. The other coins on the market are being pulled up by Bitcoin and the approval of the BTC ETFs will soon see the crypto market undergo an unprecedented adaptation and flush a lot of liquidity into the crypto market.

uShark is launching the new token at exactly the right time and will hit the ground running! uShark is now in its third year on the crypto market and has not been intimidated by the bear market or stretched its wings! uShark is emerging from this phase stronger than ever!

Back then, uShark's mission was to invest in startups, support them and then sell these shares after the startups had developed and invest in new startups or use profit distributions for reinvestment. It was the epitome of diversification in the startup sector that normal people don't have access to. uShark exploited that gap and gave people that access.

Now uShark is going one better! uShark is not only repositioning itself with a better foundation and an almost completely new team, but also a new look, with a new headquarters in Europe (Malta), new use cases for the token as a means of payment with its selected partners.

But that's not enough for uShark! uShark will become its own brand, with its own branding, its own webshop for merchandising items and support for charity projects.

With Geraldo Marques at the helm, the management team from Germany with COO Benjamin Ullmann, CTO Mario Euchner and CMO Leonidas Karapavlidis, the blockchain IT team from Silicon Valley guys and the IT service team from England, uShark is and will be well equipped for global expansion to take the next step to not only establish itself in the market, but also to set new standards in the market, comply with regulations and give people the opportunity to participate in the company's development.

uShark has already invested in 12 start-ups and is planning new rounds of funding for start-ups in its roadmap for 2024. In addition, it has its own NFT and the possibility of a DAO with a maximum of 2000 investors, as the DAO NFTs in the uShark Elite Club are limited. This gives investors the opportunity to influence the uShark company and its development, as well as the ability to choose which startups are selected for future investment.

Spread the good news and let's make uShark great again!