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We’re looking for bright, energetic, and passionate students pursuing higher education across South Asia who want to explore promising opportunities in the crypto space. You can still attend our free webinar and get crypto rewards and certificates even if you don't get selected as a Campus BUIDLer.
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Rewards up for Grabs this Month
Top Performing BUIDLers and Webinar participantrs this month can get direct access to the following Rewards
One top performerfrom South Asia will be awarded an internship with Binance. To apply for the role, complete the certification and apply below with a video entry explaining why you would like to be a Binance Campus BUIDLer and how you plan to bring change to your campus.
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How to apply?
What's in it for me?
How will I be evaluated?
How to apply?

STEP 1: Register and get certified.

  1. Register through this form link for our monthly webinars to get basic education about crypto and blockchain.

  2. Attend our live webinars and score at least 70% in one of the four weekly quizzes the following month, administered on Binance Live. Upon completion, you will receive an NFT certificate and a chance to share each webinar's $1000 prize pool.

We will conduct webinars once per month and quizzes 4 times per month so that you can manage your time and still have an equal chance to get selected.

STEP 2: Apply for the Campus BUIDLer Program

  1. Submit your application by filling in this form.- Link

  2. Share EITHER a 60-second video reel on Instagram tagging @binance_in OR a post on your Twitter or LinkedIn account where you explain why you would like to become a campus BUIDLer, adding the#BinanceCampusBUIDLer hashtag. TIP: Be concise and make it fun to grab our attention.

  3. Educate your friends too! Get at least 3 friends to create an account on Binance through your personal referral code and register for a webinar to get certified and claim their rewards.

If you do not know how to use your personal referral code, visit this page for instructions - Link [Both Lite and Standard Referrals count]. 

Once our team evaluates your application and ensures you meet the criteria above, we’ll send you a notification.


STEP 3: Complete your onboarding tasks to unlock your rewards!

  1. You will be given monthly tasks that you must complete in order to get the Official Campus BUIDLer status.

  2. On completion of your first month’s tasks, the eligible Campus BUIDLers will receive their onboarding swag, Campus BUIDLer NFT badges, and share of the prize pool.

  3. All campus BUIDLers will be expected to complete their monthly tasks on time and share progress to be eligible to receive prizes.

Student Marketeer 

Be responsible for introducing and educating as many people as possible about Binance’s products and services by doing offline and online marketing campaigns on your campus and across your wider network. Produce cool social media content by showcasing how you and your friends use Binance products. 

DevRel (Developer relations specialist)

Be responsible for educating about and advocating BNB Chain on your campus and social media by doing product demos, webinars, and teaching your friends on getting started and building on BNB Chain. 

Content Wizard

Be responsible for educating about and advocating Binance and its Affiliate programon your campus and social media by producing creative content –  movies,/educational memes, podcasts, newscasts/, sketches/ or just about anything that can go viral – and teaching people how to make good content. 


Be responsible for driving awareness around NFTs on your campus by organizing educational webinars, minting and listing your non-fungible tokenson Binance NFT, and promoting Binance NFT platform on your campus and socials.


  • All BUIDLers must use their personal social media handles to promote Binance and Binance Academy regularly and reshare content from our local Instagram handle - @binance_in. 

  • All BUIDLers must apply for a streamer account on Binance Live and conduct at least one webinar each month on topics related to their verticals.

  • All BUIDLers must invite at least 3 friends using their personal referral code to sign up on Binance and complete identity verification, as well as to register for the free webinars within a 30-day rolling period.

Internships and Angel Tags

All Stage 3 BUIDLers will receive an invitation for an internship interview at Binance.

All Stage 2 BUIDLers will receive an invitation for an interview for the role of a Binance Angel in their respective community. 

Goodies and Trips

Each 6 months, we will identify one BUIDLer top performer who will receive a fully sponsored trip to the next Binance Blockchain Week or flagship Binance conference!

Quarterly Rewards 


Quarterly Rewards 

Student Marketeer

iPhone 13 


HP Gaming Laptop

Content Wizard 

Go Pro Hero 


iPad Air 

All rewards can be replaced with a $1000 cash reward if the specified items are not available in the winner’s region. . 

Cash Rewards 

A reward of $50 will be given to each of 50 top-performing BUIDLers who get at least 100 points during a 30-day rolling period. 

An additional $500 reward pool will be shared equally between the 5 top-performing BUIDLers with at least 100 points every month. 


All BUIDLers will receive an onboarding swag kit on completion of their first month’s onboarding tasks.

Silver, Gold, and Top Performers will get additional limited-dition swag. 

Invites and Highlights 

Get invited to Binance’s flagship events and meetups and get highlighted for your efforts on social media, events, and webinars.

Point System and Leaderboards 

We have a simple and transparent point system to track your performance and incentivize you to perform even better. Every BUIDLer will be responsible for updating their tracker and sharing the results every week. Each week, we will highlight top performers on our socials. 

Each BUIDLer has four tasks that they must complete every month:



Points for Basic Tasks Completion 

Bonus points 

Get 3 friends to register for webinars using your unique referral code

Each friend must complete identity verification and follow @binance_in on Instagram.


+100 points

 for completing 20+ referrals within a 30-day rolling period

Conduct at least one webinar on your Binance Live account

Garner at least 500 views on each webinar


+20 points 

for each new webinar with >1000 views

Like, comment, tag, and share all posts on @binance_in with the hashtag #BinanceCampusBUIDLer on your personal social media handles 

  • A public account is needed to participate in this.

  • Only the content posted after your enrolling date will be considered 

 for each post 

+5 points 

for creating relevant crypto memes and tagging @binance_in when sharing and using the hashtag #BinanceCampusBUIDLer 

Vertical-related tasks with set metrics:

  • Marketeer - Relevant reel/post about Binance tagging @binance_in and using #BinanceCampusBUIDLer to get 5,000+ impressions 

  • DevRel - Twitter space/post to get 200+ people/500+ likes 

  • Content Wizard - Any piece of content to get 10,000+ views on any platform tagging @binance_in and using the hashtag #BinanceCampusBUIDLer 

  • NFT OG - Listing and selling at least 2 NFTs with 5+ bids on Binance NFT 

  • The target numbers can be spread across multiple posts or NFTs in a 30-day rolling period

  • The content you create should be related to your vertical

  • The content should not be plagiarized or repeated 

  • Failure to reach the assigned numbers will result in a 50% penalty on points 


+100 points 

For exceeding the target numbers by a factor of 3. 

Probation Period

All selected BUIDLers will need to undergo a 30-day probation period during which they will complete basic tasks. Next, those who complete the tasks successfully  will receive their onboarding kits and Official Binance Campus BUIDLer NFTs. 

BUIDLers on probation are still eligible for the monthly rewards during the probation period if they meet the minimum requirements.

Stage 1 

After successful completion of the probation period, all eligible BUIDLers will become Stage 1 Campus BUIDLers and receive their Swag and NFTs.

Stage 2

The top 20 BUIDLers each quarter will become Stage 2 Campus BUIDLers and receive their Silver NFTs as well as a reward of $50 each month for as long as they are in the program. They will also be invited to interviews with the Binance Angel Program.

Stage 3

The top 5 BUIDLers each semester will become Stage 3 Campus BUIDLers and receive their Gold NFTs and a monthly reward of $200 for as long as they are in the program. They will also get a chance to interview for an internship at Binance.

  • Only BUIDLers getting more than 100 points per month to be considered for the rewards.

  • Cash rewards per BUIDLer per month are capped at $200.

  • The quarterly rewards (4 nos - Iphone, Ipad, Go Pro and Gaming Laptop) for each category will only be applicable if more than 100 BUIDLers are active in that quarter. If a certain quarter has more than 50 active BUIDLers who have completed the basic tasks, the 4 reward items will be reduced to 2 reward items. If a certain quarter has more than 25 but less than 50 active BUIDLers who have completed the basic tasks in the quarter, the 4 rewards will be reduced to 1 reward item. 

  • All quarterly rewards will be capped at$1000 per BUIDLer. 

  • For the monthly stipend to be credited, BUIDLers need to reach at least 100 points per month.

  • For the free trip rewards, at least 200 eligible BUIDLers required for 4 winners, 150 BUIDLers for 3 winners, 100 BUIDLers for 2 winners, 50 BUIDLers for 1 winner. 

Join the Binance Community
Binance Campus BUIDLer Program - Rewards & Leaderboard
Check out the link to find more details on the Rewards given out till date in the Program.
Additional Information and FAQs
When will the program commence?
The program started on October 8, 2021. We are relaunching with more rewards and input from the community on October 26, 2022.
How long is the program?
The best part of the program is there is no fixed duration or time frame. Just learn, educate, and grow for as long as you can.
What is the eligibility criteria?
We welcome all students from all higher education institutions who are passionate about crypto and want to explore the immense opportunities Web3 and blockchain technology.
Any prerequisites to join the program?
The only prerequisite for joining the program is the enthusiasm for learning and growing in the crypto space.
Is it open to every country?
No, the program is only open to certain countries in South Asia at the moment.
Can I still be a Campus BUIDLer if I do not get an internship?
Yes, you can stay in the program for as long as you are a student, and you can be shortlisted for internship interviews if you are among the top performers consistently.
I received a confirmation to be onboarded as a Campus BUIDLer, where are my swags and rewards?
Please refer to the onboarding confirmation carefully and check all of the steps required to become an offiical Campus BUIDLer. Once all the steps are completed, you can expect your rewards to reach you in 15-20 working days.
Can I get Binance to sponsor local events at my campus?
You will have a channel to highlight your local event ideas, and we may sponsor some of the events depending on the proposal.
What if I fail to score minimum points in a 30 day window?
You will be notified about your performance and will need to perform better in the next 30-day window. If you fail to score minimum points in 3 consecutive months, you will be de- boarded from the program.
Will everyone attending the webinars get rewards?
Yes, as long as they complete the quiz afterwards, everyone completing the webinars will be entitled to receive a share of the prize pool.
Discover the World of Binance
Discover the world of Binance
What is Bitcoin?
The 2008 Financial Crisis: Explained
Binance: The Tipping Point

Terms and Conditions

By submitting the campus BUIDLer sign-up form, users are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below:
1. They are 18 years old or older.
2. They do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the company.
3. Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to restrict BUILDers who are inviting fraudulent or bulk-registered accounts.
4. Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this program at any time and for any reason without prior notice.
5. Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to decide the winner of the rewards based on the participants’ performance throughout the program.
6. Binance BUIDLer is a volunteer position and doesn’t signify an employment or engagement contract with Binance in any way.
7. If Binance determines that a BUIDLer engages in any damaging and/or defamatory behavior to Binance (including but not limited to the circumstances listed below), then the BUIDLer’s membership and qualification will be terminated and their commission rate will be reduced to 0%. Binance reserves the right to retrieve all referral commissions that have been distributed to their accounts.
BUIDLer posts false Binance-related information or negative comments about Binance on any social media channels.
BUIDLer directs users to claim compensation from Binance.
BUIDLer solicits an existing Binance user to create a new account for the purpose of being considered their referrer.