Announcing Binance Fan Tokens: Everything You Need To Know About The Future of Fandom


Discover how you can champion your favorite teams and brands. Don’t just be a fan—be part of your favorite team with Binance Fan Tokens. Explore our exclusive launch partnership with S.S. Lazio and get the chance to take home our first-ever Binance Fan Token by participating in our LAZIO Launchpad. 

Main Takeaways

  • Fans can represent, interact with and influence their favorite teams and brands with Binance Fan Tokens

  • Binance Fan Tokens grant fans exclusive perks and unprecedented access to world-renowned teams and brands

  • Fans can collect limited edition NFTs and collectibles, enjoy special voting rights, access unique privileges and score one-of-a-kind brand experiences

  • LAZIO Fan Tokens will be available from 13th October as part of Binance’s exclusive launch partnership with football team, S.S. Lazio

Binance Fan Tokens: Discover What Fans Are Made Of

Today, we officially introduce a new addition to our ecosystem - the Binance Fan Token platform, which makes it easier than ever for users to discover and collect limited-run tokens from some of the most sought-after names across sports, gaming and Esports, entertainment and more. 

Binance Fan Tokens are a type of utility token that powers the fan experience and connects brands and teams with fans worldwide. Binance is partnering with teams to issue tokens to fans via Binance Fan Token Launchpads to engage their fan base and create meaningful brand experiences.

These token offerings are all about delivering the ultimate “fan moment”, whether it’s connecting you with the teams you love or giving you opportunities to shape your favorite brands. 

To find out more about how Binance Fan Tokens work, what you can do with them and how you can own our first-ever Binance Fan Token, refer to our FAQ.

Launching LAZIO Fan Tokens on the Binance Fan Token Platform 

Binance is proud to announce a multi-year partnership with renowned football team, S.S. Lazio as part of our Binance Fan Token platform launch. The launch of the LAZIO Fan Token will help take S.S. Lazio’s brand to the next level, and create a more meaningful fan engagement experience for the club’s supporters. 

Get LAZIO Fan Tokens on the Binance Fan Token Platform

The LAZIO Fan Token is a utility token providing fans with a way to engage with S.S. Lazio via voting sessions, gamification features and a range of exciting ways. LAZIO Tokens will be available to all Binance users via the following methods:

  1. Users can be first to buy LAZIO on the Binance Launchpad from 13th October.

  2. Users can get LAZIO via Binance Spot and via P2P markets.

  3. In select regions, users can buy LAZIO using a valid credit and debit card, or linked bank account.

For additional details about the Launchpad and the availability of the LAZIO Fan Tokens, please visit the Binance Fan Token platform.

Binance Fan Tokens: How They Work and What to Expect

1. Unlock next-level experiences

You can collect Binance Fan Tokens or you can exchange them for true once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences. The possibilities are endless: expect signed merchandise not available anywhere else, meet-and-greets with bonafide superstars, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to VIP events and more.  

2. Make your vote count

Binance Fan Tokens provide fans with exciting ways to engage with their favorite teams. Voting sessions give fans the opportunity to influence club decisions reserved for token holders and become more connected to the teams they represent. With more tokens come more influence and sway. When you own Binance Fan Tokens, you’re not just a fan—you’re part of the team. 

3. Do more with your tokens

In addition to fan experiences, you can spend your Binance Fan Tokens on limited edition digital artwork and team collectibles available via the “Club Premium NFT Page” on Binance NFT.  

When you own tokens, you’ll get additional fan rewards in the form of Binance Fan Token Badges, which grant you exclusive privileges, including special reward pools, access to exclusive NFT drops and more. 

4. Support the teams you love

Binance Fan Tokens grant you more ways to support the teams you love. And because they’re BEP-20 tokens powered by Binance Smart Chain, you can collect tokens without paying sky-high network fees. 

Be Early And Support The Teams You Love

By connecting one of the world’s largest crypto communities with world-renowned brands, Binance Fan Tokens will redefine the fan experience! 

Be first to get the LAZIO Fan Token, available on the Binance Fan Token platform and stay tuned for more information on how to support your favorite teams. The best is yet to come!