Guest Post: This Gandhi Jayanti Day, Be The Change You Want To See


This is a contributed post by the Binance India community.

October 2 marks an important date in the history of India. Today is when the father of the nation, Gandhi, was born. A man who not only helped India fight for its freedom but also changed the way the world looked at attaining it. On this occasion, the nation propagates his ideologies and revisits his beliefs, and here we are to honour the same.

The past century has changed the way India looks at freedom. From colonialism to democracy, the journey is drenched with fights for freedom; of land, gender, caste, equality, economy and more.

Even though a vital part of our civilization - freedom of money has remained constant for centuries it desperately needs a revolutionary change. The liberty to manage one's wealth without having to rely on a centralized point of authority; eliminating nature of failure and encouraging distributed verification, cutting out censorship and bringing in financial sovereignty

At Binance, we believe that blockchains and cryptocurrencies play a major role in advancing the freedom of money for everyone. And we constantly build solutions to bring forth not just financial freedom, but also freedom of money. 

Understanding Freedom of Money

People often get confused between financial freedom and freedom of money. Financial freedom means economic freedom; it is when your passive income exceeds your active income. But freedom of money is when you have the sole ownership of your money and you don’t have to rely on an external infrastructure to control your funds. 

Freedom to do finance, manage finance, and own finance is when one attains freedom of money. It is the ability to govern your own wealth. 

Digital assets provide a medium to achieve both financial freedom (not only via day-trading but also by mining, staking, and investing) and freedom of money (via a decentralized ecosystem for wealth management). 

The digital asset community is now bigger than ever and at Binance, we continue to build blockchain and cryptocurrency services and infrastructure to increase the freedom of money in this new era of the financial revolution. 

This Gandhi Jayanti, let’s remind ourselves, the importance of freedom. 

“There is no road to freedom, freedom is the road.”

We believe by spreading freedom of money, we can significantly improve lives around the world.

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