Asset Management Solutions

Discover bespoke digital asset services from Binance Institutional built for sophisticated investors and asset managers, including hedge funds, family offices, liquidity providers, proprietary trading firms, brokers, and more.

Your Asset Management Needs in One Place

Integrated and Flexible Account Structure

Enhance asset allocation and capital efficiency with a flexible account architecture that follows your lead.

Execution and Order Management

Execute and manage large orders simultaneously from multiple accounts with robust order management system and API endpoints.

Reporting and Account Statement

Download reports on trade history and account balance, and share them with external stakeholders.

Risk Monitoring and Management

Monitor account risks at a glance, and adjust trading strategies in real-time based on your risk appetite.

Custom Login and Permission Control

Improve security through permission controls and customize access rights for different sub-accounts and users.

Introducing Binance Asset Management Solutions

Normal Sub-Account
Fund Segregation and Risk Management
Asset Management Sub-Account
Entrust Your Accounts to Professional Asset Managers
Managed Sub-Account
Diversify Portfolio with Multiple Trading Teams

Create multiple sub-accounts for asset segregation and execute different trading strategies. Manage transactions seamlessly via the sub-account dashboard. Suitable for:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Brokers
  • Liquidity Providers
  • Proprietary Trading Firms
  • More
Key Benefits
  • Shared trading fee level and all volume contributes to VIP calculation
  • Segregation of assets between accounts for effective fund protection
  • Comprehensive one-stop sub-account management experience
  • Ability to create with multiple emails and support front-end login

Industry Leading Innovations with Institutional Focus

Group Account
Group Entity 1
Group Entity 2
Group Entity 3
Trader 1
Trader 2
Trader 3

A first-to-market solution in digital assets, Binance Fund Manager enables institutions which operate multiple entity accounts to bind their trading volumes and unlock more VIP benefits across all accounts, including sub-accounts. With Binance Fund Manager, you will experience:

  • Seamless Account Onboarding
  • Independent Account Control
  • Access to Premium VIP Services

To activate Binance Fund Manager, please contact your VIP sales representative or send an email to

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