The Sui Foundation has recently announced the second round of grants given to developers of projects that contribute to the Sui ecosystem. The Developer Grant program funds developers building natively on Sui as part of the foundation’s mission to steward the growth and adoption of the network.

The announcement revealed that eight Sui community projects have been awarded grants in this round, ranging from gaming to finance, productivity to governance. The grants for this round range from $15K to $50K, totaling $230K in awards. Applications for developer grants are accepted on a rolling basis, and any projects sent since January 19, 2023, are currently under review.

The Sui Foundation encourages all builders in the Sui community to apply for the developer grant program, which aims to support open-source projects with a strong ability to execute and uniquely contribute to the Sui ecosystem.

The awardees in this round of grants are building diverse projects that have the potential to make significant contributions to the Sui ecosystem. For instance, MoveFuzz is a bytecode-level fuzz testing tool for Move smart contracts deployed on Sui that can be used by developers locally to find bugs or deployed on-chain. ChainIDE is a web-based platform that provides one-stop development services for blockchain developers. OneKey is an open-source hardware and software wallet from Asia that supports SUI tokens and dApps.

Cetus is a DEX and concentrated liquidity protocol focusing on blockchains built with Move, while the Noot Standard is a collection of open-source, on-chain modules for creating, storing, transferring, modifying, and selling noots, a new form of NFT.

Movernance is a full-featured on-chain governance platform for the Sui ecosystem, and Momentum Safe is building a multi-signature, non-custodial smart contract wallet built on Move for institutions, enterprises, and individuals. Carbon, on the other hand, is a fast, decentralized web3 browser, which blocks online ads and trackers, and offers 100% privacy while being free and open source.

The Sui Foundation’s second round of grants has been awarded to eight deserving Sui community projects building open-source solutions that contribute to the Sui ecosystem. The foundation encourages all builders in the community to apply for developer grants to support the growth and adoption of the network.