After 10 months of accumulation, this trader ushered in the surge of $BONK.

He/she sold 48B $BONK for 17,677 $SOL($1.36M) after #Binance announced the listing of $BONK.

And currently holds 274.4B $BONK($8.33M), the total profit exceeded $9M!

7 Tips💡 To Become Millionaire 💰 In short time.

👉if you're determined to try, here are some tips:

📌**Hodl Strategy:** Some people have become millionaires by buying and holding onto cryptocurrencies for the long term. This can be less stressful than day trading.

☀**Diversify:** Don't put all your money into a single cryptocurrency. Diversify your investments to spread risk.

🤞**Educate Yourself:** Learn about blockchain technology, different cryptocurrencies, and how the market works. Knowledge is your best tool.

♨️**Risk Management:** Only invest what you can afford to lose. Crypto is highly volatile, and you could lose your entire investment.

🌟**Stay Informed:** Keep up with the latest news and trends in the crypto market. Market sentiment can change rapidly.

📌 Technical Analysis: If you're into trading, learn technical analysis to help make informed decisions about when to buy or sell.

🌟**Security:** Protect your crypto assets with strong security measures. Use hardware wallets and secure exchanges.

Remember, there are no guaranteed shortcuts to becoming a millionaire in crypto, and the market can be extremely unpredictable. Be cautious and consider seeking advice from financial experts before making significant investments.

Most people start trading and think:

✅“If I could just make $100k, $1M, $10M etc I would be so happy and finally quit my day job.”

What they fail to understand is P&L should be the last thing in your head.

When you are new, focus on educating yourself the money will come.

A successful trader has to work harder than anyone that works a 9-5 & constantly learn and maintain their edge in the markets.

If you want success it won’t come easy.

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In the crypto world, where bullish sentiments are as common as memes, the current market optimism for 2024 seems to be facing an unexpected adversary. Amidst a period of resurgence for cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin soaring above $40,000 and altcoins like Ether and Solana experiencing significant gains, New York’s legal actions are casting a long shadow over the industry’s bright prospects.

New York’s legal onslaught: A cloud over crypto’s sunshine

The recent surge in the crypto market, fueled by speculation over SEC’s approval of a spot bitcoin ETF and a scheduled halving of Bitcoin’s supply, is facing a significant challenge from New York’s legal front. New York Attorney General Letitia James, playing the role of a modern-day Jacob Marley from Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,” has delivered a stern warning to the industry. Her recent lawsuit against crypto exchange KuCoin for operating without proper registration and falsely representing itself as an exchange in New York has sent ripples across the crypto space.

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