Another $0 cost Airdrop with over $5000 potential ✅

$NIBI airdrop confirmed in 17 days. ✅

No snapshot taken, so you are still early ✅

Cost: Absolutely free✅

Time: 5-15 minutes ✅

Potential gain: $5,000 - $20,000 ✅


READY. SET. FARM!!! 🧑🏽‍🌾

As a reward for arriving early, Nibiru invites you to participate in the Gamified Engagement Airdrop starting NOW.

Complete tasks for the next 22 days and earn NIBI Points redeemable for future qualifications!

Campaign Length: Feb 7 - Feb 28, 2024

Nibiru’s airdrop is a great way to learn about its unique features and be rewarded for your participation. Simply earn NIBI Points daily by engaging with Nibiru’s content on X 👍🏽

To participate in the airdrop, all you need is an X account, a Cosmos-compatible wallet (like @leap_cosmos or @keplrwallet), and be in a non-restricted region*

Farm today by visiting

Read the full for instructions on how to get started!

Airdrop 101:…

Need help? Our community managers are on standby:

⬢ Discord:

⬢ Tel*g*am:

1️⃣How to get started! 🧵👇

Step 1: On desktop visit and install the Leap Wallet extension. Google Chrome would offer the best user-experience.

2️⃣Find your Nibiru Chain address

After you’ve installed your leap_cosmos wallet, saved your recovery phrase, and created a wallet password, the default chain will be set to Cosmos Hub. Switch the chain to Nibiru Chain via the top right icon.

Your wallet should look like this:

3️⃣Connect to the airdrop page

Connect your X aka Twitter account to the airdrop page ( Once you’ve attached your X account, click Connect Wallet on the top right of the page.

You’ll be prompted to select Keplr or Leap Wallet (we used Leap in this example). Once you’ve connected your wallet, confirm the address!

4️⃣Start Farming 🧑🏽‍🌾

You’re now set to earn rewards. Remember, there are Gleam tasks, which can earn you additional rewards.

Make sure to use the same X account and Nibiru Wallet address!…

Good luck, learn lots, and have fun!

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