According to Blockworks, Clone, a protocol aimed at simplifying the trading of non-native tokens on the Solana blockchain, announced the public mainnet launch of Clone Markets and Clone Liquidity. The launch will introduce markets for non-native assets on the Solana blockchain through 'cloned assets' or 'clAssets'. The goal of this protocol is to enable traders to optimize their trades by taking advantage of Solana's fast transaction speeds and lower fees.

Clone Markets is designed as a trading platform that allows users to directly buy and sell clAssets, enabling traders to manage their portfolios within the Solana blockchain without having to switch between various chains constantly. It will provide liquidity providers with access to a liquidity system that supports leveraged and cross-margined liquidity pools in exchange for USDC collateral. This single collateral source will have access to every Clone pool simultaneously.

Evan Deutsch, the co-inventor of Clone, stated that their mission is to make any token tradable without leaving Solana, expanding the community and unlocking the blockchain's true potential. The public mainnet launch follows a recent private mainnet that went live on February 1, where assets clARB and clOP, clones of Arbitrum's ARB token and Optimism's OP token, were made available on the network. In addition to clARB and clOP, cloned SUI or clSUI will also be available for users to purchase, marking the first market that allows Solana users to trade SUI tokens on its network.