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Top Designer X-hong’s first NFT
2022-03-01 05:00
NFT's popularity has soared in the past year. In 2021, users sent at least $44.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts.  The topic of our live show today is NFT. We are honored to have the world's top artist Mr. X-Hong as our guest today. As a leading artist, Mr. X- Hong is highly accomplished in design, and his works include but are not limited to the top floor of Burj Dubai, LA CHINA Landmark Hotel, BMG-Hotel, Wanda Ruihua Hotel, etc.  We will discuss with Mr. X-Hong the current state of the NFT industry in this live stream and his contribution and achievement as an artist to the NFT space. Watch the live stream and post a screenshot on Twitter and @drama_nft. Then, win a chance to get on DramaNFT's whitelist! Here is today’s Agenda: 1. introduction of our guest - Mr. X-Hong, and his project - DramaNFT 2. Mr.x-Hong’s view about NFT industry pain points 3. DramaNFT’s roadmap and vision&mission
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