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Key Account Coverage

We utilize Binance’s technology, liquidity, and global reach to service key accounts across the world.
VIP TradingThe more you trade, the lower your fees. We offer lower trading fees through our 8-tier VIP trading program, with each tier equating to certain discounts on trading fees.Xem thêm thị trường »
Over-The-Counter (OTC) TradingOTC services are available for all coins listed on Binance, even for those that do not have a direct trading pair. Because all trades are completed within the Binance ecosystem, we offer tight spreads, and quick settlements (often within 15 minutes).Xem thêm thị trường »
API ConnectivityOur API is developed to ensure seamless compatibility and connectivity to market data and services, including REST and WebSockets. Private API Keys are provided to all institutions.Xem thêm thị trường »
Margin TradingMargin Trading is available for clients looking to amplify profits of successful trades and offers another method of diversifying one’s portfolio.Xem thêm thị trường »
Sub-AccountsClients are equipped with management tools that allow for multiple trading accounts within a single master account. The master account has control of trading and withdrawals, creating a flexible network of trust.Xem thêm thị trường »
Dedicated Client SupportOur key account coverage team is dedicated to providing operational support across our products and businesses. Get in touch with us.Get in touch with us »
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