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How to Deposit EUR via SOFORT

2021-04-21 02:11
Binance offers EUR transfers through Sofort.
SOFORT is a payment method that facilitates transactions between merchants and customers. It is the predominant online banking method in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.
Global users, not available to the US and countries not supported by Binance and/or Sofort
Target users
Users with Sofort accounts
Daily Limit
$ 5,000 (EUR/GBP equivalent) deposit ($ 50,000 or higher limits upon request)


1. Log in to your Binance account and then navigate to [Bank deposit].
2. Under the Fiat tab, select [EUR] as your currency, select [Sofort] and enter the amount you wish to deposit on the right. Then, click [Continue] to proceed.
3. Enter your IBAN or BIC to find your local bank and click [Next].
4. Log in with your online banking details and click [Next] to proceed.
5. Confirm your transaction with the selected TAN procedure of your bank and click [Next].
6. Congratulations, you have successfully completed your deposit via Sofort. You can now view your deposit via [View Wallet] or [View History].
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