Bitcoin drops below $20,000, lowest since December 2020

Bitcoin dropped below the $20,000 level on Saturday to its lowest point in 18 months, extending its slide as investors showed they were unnerved by growing troubles in the industry and as the general pull-back from riskier assets continued.

Is #BTC Bitcoin dead?

The unpredictable rise and fall of Bitcoin makes it a risky investment for many, and the recent crash in the cryptocurrency market means many dedicated crypto owners are going back to cash.

Should Bangladesh be sleeping on crypto?

If Bitcoin is indeed a commodity, why does the Bangladesh Bank have overlying regulations on how it can be managed?


Cryptocurrency bitcoin marks 10 years

October 31, 2008 marked the birth of bitcoin. Ten years on, the world's first cryptocurrency is at the forefront of a complex financial system viewed warily by markets and investors.

LAW ANALYSIS / Legality of bitcoin in Bangladesh

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency invented in 2009 by a software developer allegedly named Satoshi Nakamoto with a goal to create “a new electronic cash system” that was “completely decentralised with no server or central authority.

Cryptocurrency: Should you jump on the bandwagon?

Cryptocurrency was first introduced to the masses as a form of digital money; emphasising on the point that the future is cash-free.


Central banker takes stab at bitcoin 'bubble'

The head of the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank for central banks, on Tuesday lambasted bitcoin as a speculative

Bitcoin skids amid broad cryptocurrency sell-off

Cryptocurrencies plunged on Friday, with bitcoin at one point sliding below $8,000 and headed for its biggest weekly loss since

Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a trending topic today due to the surge in its value in comparison to traditional currencies.