In the previous month, PancakeSwap carried out a strategic collaboration with Celer Network as well as enabled liquidity farming across the chain. This initiative has been achieved with the utilization of the Celer Inter-Chain Messaging (Celer IM) agenda. The duo projects are today advancing their partnership in Aptos (a layer 1-based blockchain). The launch of the liquidity pools of PancakeSwap has taken place on Aptos. At the start, BNB, WETH, USDT, and USDC would be used as the chief assets.

PancakeSwap Partners up with Celer Network to Develop a Cross-Chain DEX

The launch of PancakeSwap in the previous month on Ethereum counts as an exclusive event in farming that is compatible with the liquidity providers who intend to escape the high transfer charges and finality delay related to Ethereum transfers. Consumers, with Celer IM integration, can offer liquidity to the Ethereum-based PancakeSwaps to yield rewards in CAKE tokens on BNB Chain.

We are beyond thrilled with our partnership with @CelerNetwork. Last month, we launched Cross-chain farming through their inter-chain messaging

— PancakeSwap #BSC (@PancakeSwap) November 14, 2022

In the decision-making procedure of PancakeSwp for its bridging partners, a prominent place has been occupied by security. This factor is also significant in Celer’s hybrid proof-of-stake model and the refined contract-level security measures devoted to handling the security hazards in diverse scenarios, apart from a design-scale assurance for countering a few worst-case situations. To comprehend how the developers get assistance from Celer IM to construct one-click-based app logic.

The easy-to-integrate SDK of Celer IM lets developers construct inter-chain-local DApps which comprise effective liquidity usage, and application logics, as well as the shared states. on the side of users, it additionally permits the provision of liquidity with just one click, eliminating complex interactions with several blockchains to have a convenient, effective, and economic transfer experience on a large scale.

PancakeSwap to Refashion User Experience with BNB Chain on Aptos and Ethereum

After the initiative of Ethereum with Celer Network, the partnership was further advanced by PancakeSwap with the deployment of Celer-bridged assets for pools like BNB-USDC, USDT-USDC, WETH-USDC, and APT-USDC on PancakeSwap Aptos. The target of PancakeSwap is to refashion a plain user experience of BNB Chain on Aptos and Ethereum.

After its endeavor to release Ethereum-based cross-chain liquidity, PancakeSwap has just increased its span to the blockchain of Aptos by organizing the features like initial farm offerings, pools, swaps, soon, and liquidity farms. The release of the early pools got many benefits from Celer cBridge (considered a prominent asset bridge that supports more than thirty blockchains).

With the strategic collaboration with Celer Network, the customers are allowed to offer liquidity on the networks of Aptos and Ethereum in a transparent, trustworthy, and seamless manner. PancakeSwap has received adequate support from Celer’s community, structural feedback, and tech advancement to further enhance its endeavors in constructing the top multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX).

PancakeSwap’s product manager, Chef Mochi, expressed to have been operating in close cooperation with the team of Celer Network for a considerable period. As per the executive, their commitment, professionalism, and technical expertise to take blockchain technology to mainstream adoption are remarkable. The executive added that they are excited to collaborate with Celer Network for the enhancement of their product offerings.