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OTC and Execution Solutions
Binance offers direct access to OTC liquidity and crypto execution solutions for all trading, execution and risk management needs.
Get access to instant crypto pricing, trade off cryptocurrency exchanges, and use our intelligent Algos to efficiently execute trades and avoid market impact and slippage.
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RFQ & Block Trading
Agency Execution Algos
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While RFQ & Block Trading is the simplest method for executing your trades, it may not be the most efficient for cryptocurrency pairs with low liquidity or large order sizes. Binance’s agency execution algos provides an intelligent solution to optimize execution.
Execution algos facilitate the execution of large crypto trades while reducing average cost of execution and market signaling. Algorithmic execution is already widely used in traditional financial markets, with a majority of large-volume trades in the market executed via algo orders.
Binance’s proprietary execution algos are build to be optimized for the cryptocurrency markets. This technology-powered solution enhances and optimizes trade execution, executing your orders in smaller blocks with logic-based strategies. Order types supported include time-based (TWAP) strategies and volume-based strategies.
Binance Algos support all cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies listed on Binance, including synthetic cross currency pairs not available on cryptocurrency exchanges. Execution transparency is guaranteed with our post-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA) report. Get connected with the team and set up an authenticated and secure communication channel to submit order requests, receive real-time order updates, have direct control on your orders or ask for advice on your order execution.
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The Binance Algo Edge
Enhance Trade Performance
Reduce slippage and execution cost, achieving spread savings while minimizing market impact.
Largest Liquidity Pool
Leverage Binance's significant franchise to minimize market impact and maximize spread savings with true internalization of your order. Furthermore, benefit from low-latency access to Binance exchange liquidity, the largest centralized liquidity pool in the world.
Intelligent and Dynamic
Binance Algos intelligently respond to market conditions to optimize execution and maximize liquidity.
Widest Support for Cryptocurrencies & Fiat
Support for >150 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies listed on Binance including synthetic cross currency pairs.
Customizable Strategies
Tailor your execution strategies and objectives to your needs with customizable order parameters.
High-touch Service
Global expertise in execution solutions for best-in-class institutional client service and real-time technical support.
Post-Trade: Execution Transparency and Insights
Binance Algos were built from the ground up with execution transparency in mind. We understand the importance of knowing what goes on behind an algorithmic execution tool and thus we built the tools to help you analyse the performance your algo orders.
Receive your transaction cost analysis (TCA) report for each of your concluded algo orders securely via authenticated channels post-trade, view order details, and analyze execution performance and costs across various benchmarks.
Speak directly with our team to get a full breakdown of your TCA report.