{{"Deposits" | T}}

  • {{'Suspend' | T}}{{asset.asset}}

{{'Copy Address' | T}}

{{'Copy' | T}} {{curAsset.assetLabel}}
  • 禁止向{{curAsset.asset}}地址充值除{{curAsset.asset}}之外的资产,任何充入{{curAsset.asset}}地址的非{{curAsset.asset}}资产将不可找回。
  • 使用{{curAsset.asset}}地址充值需要{{assetParams[curAsset.asset].confirmTimes}}个网络确认才能到账。
  • 充值完成后,你可以进入历史记录页面跟踪进度
  • Important:
  • Send only {{curAsset.asset}} to this deposit address.Sending any other currency to this address may result in the loss of your deposit.
  • Notice:
  • Coins will be deposited immediately after {{assetParams[curAsset.asset].confirmTimes}} network confirmation
  • After making a deposit, you can track its progress on the history page.


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