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Calling for SANTOS Whales: $10,000 Worth of SANTOS to Be Shared!

2022-02-07 07:57
In celebration of the Lunar New Year, BALEIÃO and BALEINHA, the Santos FC whale mascots, are calling all Santos FC fans to help the team ride a Binance Fan Token wave through a trading competition - you can be a whale too!
Eligible SANTOS traders are in for a treat to share $10,000 worth of SANTOS Fan Tokens via SANTOS Gift Cards, so gather your wits and get a head start in the competition today!
Promotion Period: 2022-02-07 09:00 (UTC) to 2022-02-18 23:59 (UTC)
Buy and Sell SANTOS Fan Token to Share $10,000 Worth of SANTOS
All participants who trade a minimum of 200 SANTOS across all SANTOS spot trading pairs during the promotion period will be ranked based on the total trading volume (buys and sells) on their Binance accounts across all SANTOS spot trading pairs during the promotion period, to share a prize pool of $10,000 worth of SANTOS Fan Tokens in SANTOS Gift Cards.
The reward structure is as follows:
RankingRewards (In Gift Cards)
1st Place$2,500 worth of SANTOS
2nd Place$1,500 worth of SANTOS
3rd Place$1,000 worth of SANTOS
4th-15th Places$3,000 worth of SANTOS, to be shared equally
Other Qualified Participants$2,000 worth of SANTOS, to be shared by trading volume
Reward Calculation for Other Qualified Participants:
The Reward for a Qualified Participant Other Than the Top 15 = (The User’s Total Effective Trading Volume / All Qualified Users Other Than the Top 15 Users’ Total Effective Trading Volume) * $2,000 Worth of SANTOS in Gift Cards
* Fill in this form to confirm your participation!
Terms & Conditions:
  • Only users who complete KYC by the end of the promotion period will be eligible to receive any rewards.
  • To enter this promotion, you will need to fill in this form and confirm your participation.
  • Eligible SANTOS spot trading pairs include SANTOS/USDT, SANTOS/BTC, SANTOS/BRL and SANTOS/TRY.
  • All rewards will be in the form of SANTOS Gift Cards, which will be distributed within 2 weeks after the promotion ends to the email addresses bound to the winners’ UIDs. Users who do not have an email address bound to their UID will not receive the reward.
  • Winners will receive an email with a unique redemption code, and can claim their gift cards on the Binance Fan Token Platform > Santos FC Team Page.
  • The amount of SANTOS rewards depends on the real-time SANTOS/USDT price on Binance at the time of distribution.
  • Trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding any wash trades, across all eligible SANTOS spot trading pairs.
  • Binance will combine sub-account’s trading volume with the master account’s standard trading volume in the final calculation. Sub-accounts will not be viewed as independent accounts when participating in this promotion.
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify any participants immediately for any improper behaviors.
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
Risk Warning: Binance Fan Tokens may fluctuate in value and you should conduct your own due diligence of the suitability of tokens and the risks involved before you enter into any transaction. To access and use the Binance Fan Token Platform you must go through our mandatory KYC and Identity Verification process and agree to the Binance Fan Tokens Terms and Conditions and the general Binance Terms of Use. Binance has the right to modify and terminate tokens, utility features, and the entire Binance Fan Token Platform with all its related content without notice or liability to users. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are permitted to use the services of the Binance Fan Token Platform based on the legal requirements in your country of residence.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.