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How to Apply for Binance Broker Program API Rebate

2021-05-20 10:19
Binance Broker Program is an important part of Binance's ecosystem and offers an easy solution for businesses to capitalize on the benefits of our products. Through Binance Broker API, you can access most of the products on Whether you are looking to enhance your quantitative platform’s strategies or wish to run your own exchange or trading platform, you are welcomed to join the Binance Broker Program. Enjoy up to 50% user rebates and dedicated support from your account manager.
Who can apply for Binance Broker API Rebate?
If your business covers the following areas:
  • Trading bots;
  • Trading strategy platforms;
  • Social trading platforms/communities;
  • Payment solutions;
  • Asset management platforms, etc.
How to submit my application?
You can sign up here, and an account manager will contact you within 72 hours.
What is the rebate rate?
The brokerage API rebate follows the Binance Broker tier structure and benefit system. Please refer to this announcement for more information.
How to claim my rebate?
1. Your users need to open a Binance account (no need to use any referral codes).
2. Collect your users’ API keys to enable the API trading function.
3. Inserts the broker IDs into the API and sends orders to Binance.
4. The system will automatically track the orders containing broker IDs and distribute the rebate to you based on your users’ trading volume.
Which products support Broker API Rebates?
  • Spot trading, including Margin trading.
  • Futures trading, including USDⓈ-margined Futures and Coin-margined Futures.
Please refer to the fee schedule for more information.
How long does it take for onboarding?
Our account managers are very efficient. They will assist your API to go live within a short time and they are happy to answer any questions you have.
What other services does the Binance Broker Program offer?
In addition to API rebate, Binance Broker Program also offers other brokerage services, such as liquidity broker and exchange broker, etc. Please contact your account manager to find the most suitable solutions for your business.