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How to Configure Bminer for ETH Mining

2021-05-18 03:35

1. Mining equipment & environment

Mining Equipment: GPU (NVIDIA or AMD) graphics cards with more than 4GB video memory.
Operating system: 64-bit Windows System
Mining software: Bminer
Download link: https://www.bminer.me/releases/

2. Mining configuration Tutorial

2.1 Create a mining account

2.2 How to configure

a. After downloading the file, unzip and extract the file, Then open the file.
b. Find the batch file "mine_eth.bat" and right click on "mine_eth.bat" to edit.
method 1:
@echo OFF
REM Change the following address to your ETH address.
SET ADDRESS=0x6D2a79507C67A8ACBc01D16a4858469677792C39(Delete the address after "=" and fill in your mining account user name)
SET USERNAME=%ADDRESS%.w(Delete the characters after "." to customize your miner ID)
REM Change SCHEMminiE according to your POOL. For example:
REM ethash: Nanopool
REM ethproxy: BTC.com, Ethermine, PandaMiner, Sparkpool
REM ethstratum: Antpool.com, BTC.com, F2pool, Huobipool.com, Miningpoolhub
SET POOL=eth-us-west1.nanopool.org:9999 (Delete all the characters after "=" and fill in: ethash.poolbinance.com:1800 Port support: 1800, 25, 443, 3333, 8888)
SET SCHEME=ethstratum
START "Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast" bminer.exe -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%@%POOL% -api
method 2:
Select the batch file "mine_eth", right-click with the mouse-Edit-Delete all contents in the file
Add: bminer -uri ethstratum://username.worker_name@mining URL
username: Change to your mining account name
worker_name: Change to your worker number
Mining URL: ethash.poolbinance.com:1800 Port support: 1800, 25, 443, 3333, 8888
If your mining user name is:Xiaoming, the worker number will be: xiaoming.001. You may differentiate miners by utilizing different numbers such as Xiaoming.001, Xiaoming.002, Xiaoming.003, etc.
The configuration is as follows:
bminer -uri ethstratum://xiaoming.xiaoming.001@ethash.poolbinance.com:1800

3. How to start mining

Save your configuration after completion, then open and run the batch file "mine_eth.bat" to start mining.

4. How to check your hashrate

4.1 After beginning mining, it is estimated that statistics will be live in around 10 minutes, please select "mining machine" on the main page of the mining pool to see the active hashrate.
4.2 If you are mining BTC at the same time or have created a BTC mining account, remember to choose the correct algorithm.

5. How to check your earnings

The settlement cycle is from 00:00 of the previous day to 00:00 of the current day, UTC time. The mining pool payment time is from 02:00 AM to 10:00 AM UTC time every day.
If you have any questions please contact our online support.