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Trade Binance Futures to Win Binance Limited Edition NFTs!

Trade Binance Futures to Win Binance Limited Edition NFTs!

2021-05-06 07:10
Campaign Period: 2021-05-07 0:00:00 AM to 2021-05-16 11:59:59 PM (UTC)
Binance has minted 3,000 Limited Edition NFTs as rewards for our active Futures traders. Eligible traders have a great chance to win a full set of the NFTs.
Users who complete a daily futures trading volume of over 0 USDT across any USDT-M Futures and Coin-M Futures trading pairs and register for the activity, will get at least 1 lucky draw ticket to open a lucky box. Each day runs from 0:00:00 AM (UTC) to 11:59:59 PM (UTC).
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Lucky Draw Tickets:
Daily Trading Volume (USDT)
Number of Lucky Draw Tickets
0 < Trading Volume < 10,000
10,000 ≤ Trading Volume < 30,000
Trading Volume ≥ 30,000
Users who complete registration and achieve a certain trading volume will receive the corresponding number of lucky draw tickets on the next day. After receiving the lucky draw tickets, users can pick one out of the four lucky boxes, and get the results immediately. Binance will distribute the NFTs to the winners’ BSC addresses within 72 hours after the users win the rewards. Please note: users should register with the correct BSC addresses, otherwise they will not be able to receive the rewards and NFTs will not be reissued.
NFT Name
20X Smile Bibi
LTC Smile Bibi
50X Doctor Bibi
BUSD Doctor Bibi
ETH Cigar Bibi
100X Bull Bibi
125X Astronaut Bibi
BTC Astronaut Bibi
75X Cigar Bibi
BNB Bull Bibi
*300 NFTs daily limit applies
Binance will launch its NFT Marketplace in June 2021, allowing users to trade NFTs on the platform. There will be more limited edition NFTs and campaigns. Stay tuned!
Terms & Conditions:
  • How to locate my BSC address?
  • Users should register for the Lucky Box campaign and submit the BSC address to be eligible for the lucky draw.
  • If you don’t have a Binance Futures account, click here to register and get a 10% trading fee discount. The 10% futures trading fee discount shared by the inviter will last for 30 days from the date of Futures account activation.
  • NFTs will be distributed to winners’ BSC addresses within 72 hours after users win the rewards. If you are not using an BSC address, it will not be reissued.
  • Each day runs from 0:00:00 (UTC) to 11:59:59 PM ((UTC).
  • The effective trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding any wash trades.
  • Calculation of non-USDT margined contracts trading volume: Trading volume of non-USDT margined contracts will be calculated in USDT based on the daily exchange rate.
  • Eligible users whose trading volume on the day is qualified for receiving lucky draw ticket(s), will receive the corresponding number of ticket(s) on the next day. Lucky draw tickets will be valid during the activity period.
  • Sub-accounts will not be considered as individual participants. Trading volume of sub-accounts will be combined with the master account’s trading volume in the final calculation.
  • Brokers’ sub-accounts volume will not be combined with the brokers’ master accounts.
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
  • Binance reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity.
Risk Warning: Futures trading carries a substantial risk and the possibility of both significant profits and losses. Past gains are not indicative of future returns. All of your margin balance may be liquidated in the event of extreme price movement. The information here should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Binance. All trading strategies are used at your discretion and your own risk. Binance will not be liable to you for any loss that might arise from your use of Futures.
Note: This announcement was updated on 2021-05-06 to update the ending time of the promo.
Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.