Paris Blockchain Week 2024 (PBW) witnessed a convergence of innovative minds and pioneering ideas, with a focus on the exploration of Web3 technologies. Seed.Photo, represented by its co-founder Alex Atashkar, drew attention during a panel discussion titled 'Crafting Digital Identities in the Web3 Landscape,' held on April 9th at the esteemed Mona Lisa Stage in the Louvre.

The panel discussion served as a melting pot of diverse perspectives, exploring the complexities of Web3 technologies, particularly focusing on digital identities and their implications for consumers and brands. Led by moderator Itai Elizur(MarketAcross COO), the panel featured industry leaders including Sébastien Borget(The Sandbox Co-Founder), Ilan Nabeth (Playmakers CEO), Eugene Nacu (RaribleCTO), and Patrice Poujol (Lumiere Founder & CEO).

Throughout the discussion, several key themes emerged, shedding light on the changing dynamics of digital identity in the Web3 space. The panelists examined how consumer and brand identities overlap online, pointing out how Web3 technologies have the power to change these connections fundamentally. There was a concerted effort to explain the concept of Web3 identity, distinguishing it from its Web2 counterparts and underlining its broader significance beyond a mere profile picture.

A recurring topic was the significance of fan engagement in cultivating brand loyalty. The panelists accentuated the crucial role of community in shaping brand identities,expanding on the concept and its fundamental role in identity formation within the Web3 sphere. They underscored how Web3 technologies empower individuals to become stakeholders in communities, cultivating deeper connections and mutual benefits. Moreover, there was unanimous consent on broadening the scope of identity to include brands, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between brand identity and community engagement.

Alex Atashkar, co-founder of Seed.Photo, provided a unique perspective to the discussion by emphasizing the role of Web3 in adding value to NFTs through genuine art and blockchain technology. He highlighted the significance of Web3 in combating copyright infringement and revitalizing the art industry. Seed.Photo stood out as the sole company at Paris Blockchain Week integrating art into the Web3 domain, showcasing its innovative approach in this area.

As the the panel discussion concluded, Seed.Photo, alongside its esteemed counterparts, sparked a collective aspiration for a more decentralized, fair, and empowering digital future.

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