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🚨🚨Future Price Prediction For These Coins Don’t Miss 🚨🚨🚨 🛑 Bitcoin: $150000 🛑 Doge: $25.5 🛑 XRP: $200 🛑 ADA: $2.60 🛑 LUNC: $7.32 🛑 SOL: $126 🛑 GALA: $2.50 🛑 PEPE: $3.90 🛑 HEX: $2.32 🛑 VET: $2 🛑 SHIB: $0.05 🛑 ETH: $10000 🛑 LITE: $480 🛑 NEAR: $150 🛑 POLY: $9.61 #prediction2025 #BTC #ETH走势分析 #buythedip #CryptoNews🚀🔥

🚨🚨Future Price Prediction For These Coins Don’t Miss 🚨🚨🚨

🛑 Bitcoin: $150000

🛑 Doge: $25.5

🛑 XRP: $200

🛑 ADA: $2.60

🛑 LUNC: $7.32

🛑 SOL: $126

🛑 GALA: $2.50

🛑 PEPE: $3.90

🛑 HEX: $2.32

🛑 VET: $2

🛑 SHIB: $0.05

🛑 ETH: $10000

🛑 LITE: $480

🛑 NEAR: $150

🛑 POLY: $9.61

#prediction2025 #BTC #ETH走势分析 #buythedip #CryptoNews🚀🔥

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🐕🚀 Shiba Inu Aims for $0.00005: Breaking Even for 106 Trillion SHIB Holders? As Shiba Inu marches forward, the beloved dog-themed cryptocurrency sets its sights on a significant milestone: reaching a break-even price of $0.00005. **A Symbol of Hope and Determination:** This target isn't just a number; it embodies the collective hope and determination of the Shiba Inu community to witness their favorite token soar to new heights. **The Break-Even Challenge:** To achieve this milestone, a staggering 106 trillion SHIB tokens need to align with the price goal of $0.00005. **Insights from IntoTheBlock:** According to IntoTheBlock's Break Even Price indicator, over 308,000 Shiba Inu addresses would require SHIB to rise to $0.000051 to break even, highlighting the scale of this endeavor. **Current Market Dynamics:** At present, SHIB's price hovers around $0.000025, with a market cap of $14.59 billion, making it the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market value. **Short-Term Challenges and Opportunities:** In the short term, SHIB faces resistance at the daily SMA 50 near $0.000025. A breakthrough above this crucial level could pave the way for a rally towards highs at $0.000030 and $0.000032. **Looking Ahead:** As attention remains focused on SHIB's price movements, the Shiba Inu development team continues to make strides. ShibaSwap's recent launch on Shibarium heralds exciting developments for the ecosystem. Stay tuned as Shiba Inu enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this thrilling journey! 🌟🐶📈#MemeWatch2024 #SHİB

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