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How to Open a Futures Account
2019-09-23 08:33
1. Open [Binance Futures] landing page, after logging in to your Binance account, clicking "Open Account" will redirect you to Futures trading interface.
2. Choose to enter a Futures Referral Code from your friend, and click 'Open Now' to open your Futures account.
2. If you have not registered for a Binance account, clicking "Register" will redirect you to the register page, please follow the steps to register your Binance account.
3. Alternatively, you can go directly to the [Futures Trading] interface and click "Open Now" to open your Futures account.
4. After that, the futures account has been enabled successfully and you can start trading once your account is funded.
You need to enable 2FA to fund your account before start trading on Binance Futures.