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How to Deposit EUR with Revolut

2021-03-12 07:20
1. Log into your Binance account to retrieve the bank details that will be required later.
2. At the top menu, go to [Buy Crypto] and select [Bank Deposit].
3. Under Deposit > Fiat, select EUR as the currency and “Bank Transfer (SEPA)” as the payment method.
4. Enter the amount to be transferred, then click “Continue”.
5. The Bank details will be displayed on the right side of the page as illustrated below.
6. Log into your Revolution account, and click “Send”.
7. Under “Bank Account”, click “Add recipient”.
8. Please fill in the “Account Details” under the “Business” section. You can copy the IBAN and Company name from the Binance website (see the two images below).
Please, make sure the information is correct, otherwise your transaction will fail.
9. Next, input the amount to be transferred and the Reference Code provided by the Binance website (see the two images below). When you are ready click “Continue”.
10. Review the transfer details to make sure that all the information was entered correctly. If everything is ok, click “Send”.
11. You have successfully completed the EUR deposit with Revolut. Usually, the SEPA deposit processing takes 1-3 days. If you chose SEPA Instant it should take less than 30 minutes.
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