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How to Buy Crypto with RUB

2019-11-05 11:02

Binance has opened deposit and withdrawal function for the Russian ruble (RUB) through Advcash. Users can use RUB to buy cryptos.

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Step 1

Sign in to your Binance account and select the [Buy Crypto] option on the top of Binance home page.


Step 2

Select RUB as the fiat currency to spend and enter the amount. Choose the crypto that you want to buy and click [Next]


Step 3

Then you will see an option to use RUB Cash Balance.


Click [Top up] and you can see different channels.


If you do not have RUB in your Binance Wallet, you will be guided to deposit RUB. See this article to learn how to deposit funds to your Binance Wallet. If you do have funds in your cash balance, then click [Buy] to the next step.


Step 4


Verify and confirm your purchase.


The price is locked for one minute. After one minute the price will refresh with the latest market rate. Please confirm your purchase within one minute.

Step 5

Your purchase is complete. You can now return to your wallet or make another trade right away.


If your purchase could not be completed immediately, Binance will keep you up to date with your purchase status via email.


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