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Binance API Coding Competition

2017-10-05 06:31

Binance will give away 8,000 BNB in total for the best examples of how to use the API.


Build API clients with the following features:

- Follow latest api documentation

- Getting latest price of a symbol

- Getting depth of a symbol or maintain a depth cache locally

- Placing a LIMIT order

- Placing a MARKET order

- Checking an order’s status

- Cancelling an order

- Getting list of open orders

- Getting list of current position


A 1000 BNB award will be given to the best submission in each of these languages:

- Java

- Python

- Node.js

- Go

- C++

- C#


- Objective-C


The goal is to demonstrate how to use the Binance APIs so that others can pick up your code and start to program their own algos.


Competition Starts: now

Ends: whenever a suitable submission is selected for each language, or Nov 4th, 2017.


Application: Email your GitHub link to code@binance.com


In your application, please include the following:  "I, <full name>, fully own the code I submit.  I guarantee there are no copyright or license restrictions.  I further agree any code I submit will be in public domain.  Anyone can copy, change, derive further work from it without any restrictions."


Selection Criteria

- Completeness of the API usage

- Efficiency of algorithm

- Cleanness of code

- Proper logging and exception handling.

- Works out of the box

- Well documented, easy to understand

- Any other neat features


Binance reserves all right to select (or not select) the final winner(s).  The final winner list will be announced.

If you have any question of API competition, please add Binance Telegram API Group at https://t.me/binance_api_english

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