Initial Game Offering: IGO Launchpads are hubs for IGOs, gaming metaverses, P2E projects, in-game utilities, and markets for trading gaming/metaverse NFTs. They assist developers in raising money through crowdfunding for their initiatives and generating revenue from tokenized works of art. IGOs give people the chance to take part in early-stage gaming projects that could result in significant rewards once they are released. Top 5 IGO Launchpads For Initial Game Offering Gamestarter Gamestarter is a platform built on DAO Maker that aims to raise the bar for crowdfunding for independent games. Its most notable feature is IGO insurance. However, which provides 300K USD protection for all IGOs in the event of launch failures or team mistakes. Its multipurpose metaverse offers fractionalized NFTs and an integrated game-testing environment. Each game island offers private NFT drops. However, also recurrent gifts, leaderboards, and IGO-whitelisting. Also Read: Who is Vitalik Buterin? GameFi GameFi was created by Red Kite Launchpad, one of the largest IGO launchpads in the ecosystem. A free-to-play NFT game called Kaby Arena recently had its Initial Game Offering (IGO) completed by GameFi. IGO Launchpad GameFi, GameFi offers participants a variety of pools, and each pool has a unique slot value from the others. Enjinstarter Enjinstarter is an IGO Launchpad built on Enjin's Jumpnet that is fascinated by Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses. This IGO launchpad's main feature was that there would be no gas fees for transactions and yield farms for game fields using NFTs and Defi. The team now has extensive experience in the gaming industry and is guided by the CEO and CTO of Enjin as well as early adopters in the NFT and crypto gaming industries. PlayPad PlayPad is a launchpad for Initial Game Offerings that is 100 percent transparent and supports Ethereum EVM for all crypto projects, regardless of their blockchain. By offering cutting-edge financial infrastructure, revenue models, marketing platforms, prize pools, and a token ecosystem, it empowers creators. In the metaverse, iNFTs are one aspect of PlayPad that sets it apart. The value of NFTs is multiplied by 100x thanks to iNFTs, which are modern, interactive, generative, scalable, intelligent, and AI-powered. Decentralized incubator serves as the IGO Launchpad. Since its early 2021 launch, Seedify has produced four productive IGOs. IGOs can now issue their tokens on the popular blockchain network Elrond. However, thanks to a partnership between Elrond and Seedify Launchpad. Additionally, Seedify offers 9 tiers, each with a unique pool weight that requires users to lock in SFUND. Also Read: What is NFTs Rarity? Why Is Rarity Important For NFTs?