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Binance Feed Creator Content Guidelines

Binance Feed Creator Content Guidelines

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Updated on Jul 21, 2023
Please note that these guidelines also apply to Binance Live.
These guidelines, together with the Binance Feed Community Platform Terms and Conditions and announcements that Binance Feed may issue from time to time, shall apply to all users of the platform.
1. We want to build a community where high-quality ideas and content about crypto are shared so stay on-topic. Contribute meaningful posts that are fair, balanced, and unbiased.
2. Respect the community. Respect different viewpoints. Debate ideas and perspectives. But don’t make it personal.
3. No trolls. No spam.
4. Uphold integrity and honesty at all times. No false, unsubstantiated, or misleading facts or allegations. No misrepresentation. No impersonation.
5. Do not incite or encourage illegal or unethical behavior.
6. Do not use our platform to manipulate trading behavior.
7. Respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of others.
8. Do not reveal your sensitive data or the sensitive data of others (such as wallet addresses or contract addresses), nor ask others for such information over the platform.
9. Do not impersonate other users on the platform. Creating content under the name or account of another content creator (other than yourself) is strictly prohibited. Do not copy or reproduce other people's original works or engage in any conduct that infringes third-party intellectual property rights. Upon our request (if any), you shall provide us with sufficient information or documents to enable us to verify (to our sole and absolute satisfaction) that you comply with all the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the platform (including without limitation, these creator content guidelines).
10. Marketing-related posts: Marketing is permitted, provided there is no reference to it being targeted at any one particular country or country user. If a post is sponsored, expressly state so. Please also note that you are not allowed to use our platform to solicit users to sign up or pay for any products or services or to invite users to join other community groups (including, without limitation, those discussing trading activities). We reserve the right to reject, take down, or amend posts to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements or for other reasons generally at our sole and absolute discretion.
11. Trading experiences: You may share your personal trading experiences with the community. But be truthful about what you say and your intentions. Don’t promote sponsored projects, products, or services under the guise of such posts.
12. No financial advice: Do not provide financial advice or indicate in any way that Binance is providing financial advice. “Financial advice” means advising others on investing, selecting, purchasing, or selling financial products.
13. No endorsement: You are solely responsible for your posted content and its associated consequences. Our acceptance of your post for publication shall not be deemed as an endorsement of your views, or that we hold a similar view. You must not conduct yourself in such a manner as to create a false or misleading impression that you represent, are endorsed by, or have a collaboration or cooperation with Binance. This includes (but is not limited to) making any false or misleading representations in your content, or using our Binance logo or other associated images as your avatar or incorporating them as part of your content to falsely suggest cooperation.
14. Criticism of Binance: We want to engage you - the community - to advance the industry and promote crypto literacy. Posts that contain fair and constructive criticism about us are also welcome. We will listen, and we will improve. But we will not tolerate trolls, untruths, misrepresentations, and unfounded allegations.
15. Binance Feed will keep reviewing all content on the platform to ensure that all applicable rules are followed. In most situations, we will only give a warning for ascertained violations, especially for a first-time violation. If we detect further violations or other inappropriate/improper conduct, violation record(s) will be marked in your account and you may face limitations in using Binance Feed for certain periods.
For violations of Binance Feed guidelines, terms, and related community management measures, please refer to Binance Feed Community Management Guidelines.
Please also note the following:
  • Violations (if any) will be ascertained based on user reports or as detected by Binance Feed community managers.
  • If you have any inquiries about any applicable guidelines or terms of use relating to Binance Feed or the community management guidelines, please contact our BD Manager.
  • Binance Feed reserves the right of final judgment and interpretation in respect of all matters and rules relating to your access and use of Binance Feed, as well as the imposition of appropriate penalties, if any. To avoid doubt, Binance Feed also reserves the right to deviate from the community management guidelines, if deemed appropriate, at its sole and absolute discretion.