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How to Deposit Cryptos to Binance
2018-01-04 10:32
1. To begin depositing crypto into your Binance Wallet, visit the Binance website and log in to your account. Always make sure that you are logging in to the genuine Binance website by carefully checking the URL:
2. After logging into your account, click [Wallet] - [Fiat and Spot] on the upper right-hand side of the page.
3. Click on [Deposit] once you find yourself on the Fiat and Spot page.
4. Input the abbreviation or full name of the coin/token that you want to deposit or select it from the list.
5. We will use BTC here as an example. Copy the BTC deposit address displayed on the right hand side. This address must be pasted into the corresponding platform or wallet from which you wish to withdraw your coins from.
You may also scan the address QR code if this functionality is present in the platform from which you are withdrawing.
Please kindly be advised:
  • [Deposit] to Binance is a withdrawal action from a corresponding platform or wallet.
  • Carefully make sure and check that you are sending the right coin to the right address. In our example, non-BTC funds sent to the BTC address will not be able to be retrieved and can be permanently lost.
  • Please select the corresponding deposit network according to the public chain type of the transferring wallet. Do note that some wallets may support multiple public chain types of token transfer. Make sure that the public chain network type selected at the time of transfer is the same as the one for Binance Deposits.
6. When depositing some specific tokens, it's necessary to input not only the correct deposit address but also a memo which might be required for your deposit to be credited. This shows up also as a QR code, along with an address that you can manually copy.
You must fill in the tag/memo so that Binance can identify your assets. Failure to fill this in or incorrectly filling it in will result in asset loss. Other exchanges or wallets may also call memos names such as digital IDs, tags, or notes.
7. This time we will use BNB as an example. In order to quickly get your BNB deposit address and memo, copy and paste them to the corresponding platform’s or wallet’s address and memo section you intend to withdraw from.
You can also use the corresponding platform’s mobile app to scan the QR code and complete your deposit to your Binance account.
8. After you successfully deposit your funds to Binance, you can go back to the Wallet Overview and click on [Transaction History] to see the details and status of your recent deposits.
You can visit the blockchain to check the status and more details of any specific deposit transaction by clicking on the hash in the TxID column.
9. Also, we have added a reminder for the deposit of ERC20 tokens that have been mainnet swapped. For example, VEN has completed its mainnet swap to VET. If you deposit VEN to this VET address, your assets will not be retrieved.
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