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Buy Signal : $SOL Target : 65$ - 68$ Stoploss: 55.99$ Everything is in the picture 🔥 #sol #etf #Marketupdate #BTC #AAVE $ETH $BTC

Buy Signal : $SOL

Target : 65$ - 68$

Stoploss: 55.99$

Everything is in the picture 🔥

#sol #etf #Marketupdate #BTC #AAVE


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New guys should know 🍁 These are five things below can increase your chances of achieving your bull run targets 🎯 •Airdrops: We are heading into the bull run, Airdrops can be a quick and (relatively) easy way to kickstart your portfolio. Try not to miss any big project airdrops. •Fundamental & Technical research: Before making any investment, Do deep fundamental & technical research.  You should know everything from tokenomics to the unlock schedule. It might be too late to learn how to do deep dives into a crypto but you can learn the basics. •Invest & HODL: Think from a macro perspective and invest. We spent this whole bear market being super conservative because it was the right move. Now we are heading into the bull market, it's time for reprogramming. Dips are for buying, not selling! In bull market, a $1B mcap crypto can do 100x. A $100B market cap is possible in this run! •Narratives: Play swings in different narratives. You can't get into all the narratives but plan to play a few. And as you make money switch to the next one. Timing will play a big role here. •Participate in IDOs: Your luck will be a big thing here. But you have nothing to lose. •Risk management and planning: You should plan where you are entering & where you'll exit. And your risk of losing should controlled. If you don't have a lot of capital, gambling on shitcoins hoping you might hit a 1000x will only ensure you have no capital. Be patient, invest in safe projects, and grow your capital. Make a Take Profit Plan, always take out your seed money after 2-3x gain! $BTC $ETH $SOL #BTC #TrendingTopic #ETH #Meme #sol

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