CTR Token Contest

2017-10-13 00:07

Dear all,


The Centra CTR Token Contest will be live on 2017/10/14 and Centra has committed to a total of up to 70,000 CTR rewards to Binance fans worldwide. The reward program is made available as part of CTR sponsorship on Binance, according to the following structure:

Top 50 CTR Purchases Leaderboard Reward Program

Bounty (50 spots) - the top 50 users with the highest CTR net purchases (total = buy - sell) on Binance platform will be awarded with a bounty of 10% of the purchase (max. 1000 CTR Tokens per user)

Extra Bonus Bounty (1st to 10th place) - 2,000 CTR extra Tokens will be awarded to each of the top 10 users with net purchase of CTR on the Binance Exchange.

Bounty Period: 2017/10/14 0:00 AM - 2017/10/20 0:00 AM (UTC Time)

How Winners Are Calculated:
The top 50 Centra buyers during the bounty period will be calculated by Binance and the reward will be paid out by Centra. Please note that only purchases made on Binance platform will be valid.

Thank you for your support!

Binance Team



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